WTB - Lerah's Ribsmasher x 3

Hey All,

Interested to buy - Lerah's Ribsmasher x 3 ( Level 85 2-hnd Weapon)


Please reply in this thread or can mail me in-game Alliance

Thank you.
Spear of Xuen from archaeology would save you gold if you're levelling dk/warrior/ret as I assume you will be.
Or if twinking at 85, Spear of Xuen is BiS(you can also use JP to ilvl upgrade it in 5.1).

If you just want to level though, take your 525 archy toon to the Jade Forest, don't train Zen Master and you will only get Arch pops in the Jade Forest - 90% of the pops in this zone are Pandaren and you will be on your way to the Spear in no time at all.
Thanks for the good inputs.
I dont have Archeology.

But I am leveling a Warrior and want to try out fury with iLvl 450 weapons from Level 85 itself ;)
Can't dual wield xuen with TG, could be part of it

edit: ^ yep fury, xuen useless for you then
I would have the spear but dont find an archaeology (525)
the spear is crap for dk/warr/ret agi helps u none at all

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