The "Death" of Demitria Dunn

Emerald Dream
Demi sat on a rock thinking as hard as she could without making her head hurt. She was tired and feeling sick from crying all night over Hito…. again. She had to tell Legren to keep an eye on Sheegwa while she was gone. She didn’t want to go to Sheegwa while she was like this. She didn’t want to have to tell her adopted daughter why she was crying over a Troll. It was embarrassing enough to just think about the fact her so called “boyfriend” had pulled his pants down in front of most of the horde anyway. Let alone telling her daughter it had happened…
But before she could really talk to Legren, she was being attacked from behind. She swooped around leaving Legren to yell in her mind about where she was. A female Blood Elf smiled evilly at her, “You’ll make do..” she sneered punching Demi in the face. Demi doubled back putting a hand on her nose, “What the fel was that for?!”. The Blood Elf laughed as she lunged for Demi. Demi grabbed her mace and started to swing weakly at the Elf.
They went at each other for a few moments when a druid came and attacked the Blood Elf from behind. A group of Alliance came in as the Blood Elf falls to her knees. Demi gulped and screamed as she started trying to fight them off. A rogue grabbed her from behind and stabbed her in the back “HITOO!!” Demi cried out as loud as she can. The other Blood Elf woke up as the rest of the Alliance crowded around Demi. The Blood Elf attacker crawled away hiding behind a huge tree.
Another dagger entered Demi’s body as she started screaming again “HITO!” the dagger turned in her side. A warrior shoved her down to her knees as the druid started to dig its claws into her face. “HITO, SAVE ME!” Demi cried out helplessly. She leaned back, letting herself go, knowing that her love won’t come for her.
“DEMITRIA!” A voice far off yells. “Legren… Save me… I… I need you to save me…” Demi whispered. The next few moments go by in a blur of her trying to be strong for Legren. She couldn’t leave, if not for Hito or Sheegwa, it would be for Legren.
And within a few more minutes, her head fell back and her heart broke as she heard the last words she’ll ever hear. “Everting well be otay… It’ll be otay. I wub you Demi.” Hito whispered and held her even tighter. The one thing she had always wanted. Just for someone to hold her and tell her that everything would be alright.
(( Demi died? :( ))
((Read Hito's story, Ali))
Interesting read
I enjoyed it

11/19/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Hitøkiri
but she died before him. Struck with grief, he sat there, thinking of just taking his own life. He pulled out his old rusted dagger and looked at it. He put the tip of it to his throat

Reminded me a little of Romeo and Juliet :P
((HAHAHA! They are kinda like Romeo and Juliet-The Wow non-Kara version!))

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