7/10(H) 2/7M ~GravyTrain~ LF Heals-core spot

Our team is looking for a -----*Healer*-----Holy Paladin---Mist Monk----Druid--or---Shaman----

(If your class is not listed above but you feel you are what we are looking for plz apply or contact me as I prefer to talk to you rather then read an application)

Must have: Item lvl of 660ish, have exp class, & a working "MIC"

Please Contact Filroys#1670, Tronkster, or Blinkandudi for further information or follow the link below to apply.

Apply at http://gravy.enjin.com/

A little about us: we are a progression driven raid team that puts emphasis on team work and and also the raid as a whole first.

Days - Tue/Wed/Thurs 8:45PM-12:30 EST
I approve of this message.
to the top "Bump"
I approve of Tronks message!
Still looking for a Rogue / Frost DK / Ret Pally... maybe a Shadow Priest or Feral Druid as well.
WTB Rogue and or Enhance shammy
Wish you guys raided on the weekends, would love to play around with my Ret Paladin. Good luck.
Thanks Dakhath , we also are making a group for the weekend for fun but progression as well.
Still Looking for Rogues, starting to think they are like santa.
Will some rogues appear, I swear they have all vanished.
Rogues are very sneaky :3
They are very very sneaky :)
At this moment we are full but encourage great players to apply.
Looking for a tank.
still looking

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