Farewell Baelgun

Thank you to everyone that made my adventure in this game the best experience possible. Much love to all those I have met along the way and everyone in Crisp. I have decided to retire from this game because I have just lost the magical experience it used to hold for me. As a once main core raider it was hard for me to adjust to not raiding on a regular basis and doing dailies to abide the time just wasnt working. Seeing myself become obsolete just made things worse and I wasnt about to become one of those people that just sat in SW all day long. I will live and die as a Crispie Kreamer and hope that one day when I decide to log back in that I will still be in a place I consider home.


and goodluck to Baelgun
RAWR scared u away with mah scary mask
Awwww ....



We'll see you by the time Titan comes around .... you'll miss me before then I'm positive on that!
Tis a sad day indeed when someone leaves this this magical world.
Tibbitz...you still owe me that reach around from Ultraxion.



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