Druids are bad FC's now?

I just recently came back to wow, I saw someone advertising for an fc low mmr rbg in trade, I then whisper the guy and tell him druid 1800 arena xp, I then proceed to be told "did I ask for a f*** druid? druids are !@#$ for fc" and then put on ignore for apparently daring to ask to fill that role (which is an issue in all of itself) Last time I did rbgs n my druid (which admittedly has been a long time) druids were one of the best fcs becasue of mobility, what has changed here?
I do Rated bgs as the tank. In my experience Guardian tanks have several problems:

We don't retain much of our mobility in bearform. Basically just stampeding shout and we're done.

We are painfully easy to CC. Fear especially owns us. Not only are we vulnerable to regular fears, hunters can fear us as well.

Those two things make us somewhat easier to keep off the flag when the enemy tank is about to die and the enemy O starts doing things like DK yank off the flagspawn, fear off the flagspawn, etc.

It also makes us a much, much inferior flag-guarder in AB and Gilneas. With no Berzerker Rage to break fears, saps, and blinds, we are much more vulnerable to being CCed and capped on.

We also have the additional weakness of being Hibernated by other Druids.

So yeah, lack of mobility compared to Warriors, and lack of CC-breaks compared to Warriors simply make us outright inferior Rated-Tanks.

Right now I've been floating in the 1750ish range, and I know I'd be in at least the 1850 range if I had the mobility and CC-breaks of a Warrior.
ontop of that cd's that keep us up are all 3 minutes and the other defensive moves we have don't do much for us and cost 60% of our rage bar to be worth anything at all.
imo druid fc's became broken when they took away our ability to shapeshift out of snares.
Nah, that's not important in rateds. PUGs, sure, it's useful in PUGs, but in a Rated you will get smashed if you drop bearform most of the time.

What's important is (1)how CCable we are. (2)how little mobility we have when we must remain in bearform.
Warriors are the only viable FC in any form of high end RBG. There is no question about that, sadly.
Guardian flag carrying has always been terrible in rated BGs, it hasn't changed. It was worse in Cataclysm, but it's still bad because of the reliance on target-uptime to generate rage just to gain avoidance or self-healing.

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