479 Shadow Priest lf progression/HM raids

Hey there. I'm an experienced raider dating back to BC, took somewhat of a casual approach in Cata and back for MoP. Trying to find my new home here on Blackrock (new transfer). I'm interested in heroic raids, challenge modes, and pushing content before it's nerfed.

My schedule is Mon/Tues/Weds and I can also make Sunday if after 7pm. Having trouble finding a guild that doesn't do Thursdays here. I'm dedicated, mature, but love to joke around and get to know my guildies, and prefer 10 man.
Hi Katerraa,
Tried to message you in-game three or four times tonight and no reply.
Still searching for a guild.
Casually Hardcore is an adult guild that raids 8:30-Midnight server Tuesday & Wednesday. Currently 6/6 MV 2/6 HoF.

Check us out at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412973144 or www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com.
Thanks for the offers
Still looking? We raid tues weds 7-10 and would love to have you

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