Questions about a returning hunter.

My account is about to run out and I plan on being back sometime in the next upcoming months.

I was thinking about coming back to play my 85 hunter and start raiding on him and some pvping.

What should I expect from the hunter -PVE- wise? Bad idea?
More buttons, less DPS
Not bad idea but "very bad idea", lol.

Don't come back to play pure dps class who's has the lowest dps in raid with all 3 dps spec.

Roll hybrid class or mage/lock.
- bugged moves .
- traps doesn't works .
- much much muuuuuuuuuch lower dps as u can see here (( ))
- in patch 5.1 hunter will be just an extra kill for any class , coz of the over nerf .
- bottom list dps in raids . (( you will shoulder the blame for any wipe ))

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