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Guild Recruitment
Do you have kids, a job, furry dependent, and / or a busy life? Are tired of WoW feeling like another job? Are you tired of grouping with immature children? Do you still want to progress without raiding five days a week? Are you sick of joining "hardcore" guilds that end up falling apart a week after you join? If you answered "YES!" to at least two of these questions, then Wowaholics Anonymous is the guild for you!

About Us:

Wowaholics Anonymous is a 10-man casual, but progression focused guild on (US) Destromath-PVP. We have been raiding as a community for more than three years. Our community consists of adults who attend college, work, or have other personal commitments that make raiding 3+ nights per week impractical. Our focus is progression, but with a fun, flexible, laid-back attitude. We feel yelling is counter-productive in a raid environment and we feel it’s important everyone maintains a light-hearted, but focused attitude during our raids.

We are looking for people who have the drive and willingness to learn, adapt, and persevere through anything the game can throw our way. Overall our members are mature, knowledgeable, and pleasant to interact with. Trolling general chat or bragging on the forums is not acceptable. Some feel our recruitment process is a bit “overkill”, but we are not just looking for skilled players, we’re looking for great people; those who we will enjoy playing with for years.

Raid Schedule:

Friday: 9:00PM to 12:00AM PST (12:00AM-3:00AM EST)
Saturday: 9:00PM to 12:00AM PST (12:00AM-3:00AM EST)

Current Needs

Currently a ranged DPS for a core spot. All exceptional players are welcome to apply.

Raid Attendance:

Members are expected to sign up two days in advance. If a member is unable to make a raid, we ask them to mark themselves as “Out” on the in-game calendar and to notify an officer. Once signed up, members are expected to be on-time and prepared for the raid. We do not recruit bench warmers, so we expect our members to be reliable. If you cannot realistically commit to near 100% attendance, then we cannot guarantee a raid spot. On that note, we understand life happens and you will not be penalized for this if it’s a rare occurrence.


This does not necessarily mean topping the meters, but being able to pull your own weight by sustaining high DPS, threat / avoidance, or healing while moving and avoiding detrimental mechanics.

Loot Distribution:

Wowaholics Anonymous is a Loot Council guild. If you are raiding solely for loot, or feel like everyone owes you, then this is not the guild for you. We are seeking players who raid to see content and enjoy interacting with others, not loot !@#$%s. On that note, loot is distributed based on attitude, performance, attendance, and overall benefit to the guild.

Questions or Comments:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me in-game via Battletag Nathan#1453, or post them in this thread.

How to apply:

Please visit: and fill out an application. Make sure you spend time on your application and read each question carefully. Applications riddled with spelling errors and thoughtless answers will be declined. On that note, we respond to applications within 24 hours.
If you would like to see the content, but not raid 3-5 days a week, then we're the guild for you!
LF a healer for this week, apply on
Please post any questions in this thread!
I'll be in-game later tonight, if you'd prefer to chat in-game!
Still looking for a solid healer!
6/6 2/6! Help us progress further!
Still in search for that special someone... ;)
Drama queens should not apply!
Looking for light-spirited, mature, adults looking to progress through MoP!
Only YOU can prevent Feng fires!
Holy pally? I need a new home willing to server and faction change
We would definitely consider a holy paladin. Please contact me in game on Akäshä or Chãos. We can discuss any details.
Updated in-game contact info.
Currently in-game! Let me know if you have any questions!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Make my turkey day awesome by applying!
Happy Thursday to the Canadians! ;)
Still looking for that special someone!
I know it said you were looking for a healer for raiding, but do you guys accept people who just want to reroll and maybe eventually raid as a filler. I am looking for a guild that plays mainly after midnight est. I have raiding experience but I am a bit of an altoholic as well. I enjoy helping build a community/guild without necessarily raiding.

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