Older players...

So I just reactivated my account and came back to LB and haven't seen many players that I knew preCata. Any older players still around or did this server turn into a mash up of new players/server transfers?
Hey andraxion
cuppy still plays rarely if you want to try cybering her again
although less famous, I've been here since BC, on my pallytank Renegade/Faith, but pallies suck, rock on warrior tanking now !
Figures, the server blows up right when Andraxion comes back

@silver - You sure man? Don't want to be poaching in your territory,

And hi everyone! I won't really be playing my shaman much, mainly playing Fistchop, my monk.
I am still here lol.
Woop woop
Libella, why is that name so familiar...

Wait, I think I know you!
I have been around since vanilla, I still hang on my alts ^_^

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