Healer 464 disp priest LF Raid

Emerald Dream
Horde. Alliance, another server I dont care. I'm looking for a group raiding between 6pm-and 930pm cst. If anyone is LFM please respond, I'd love to chat.
Aeturnas Trinitas is a level 25 guild on Horde. We currently raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 8 PM server. We have a number of raiders that are active, enough so that we may be creating two raid groups.

You should check out our website and submit an app if we interest you: www.AeturnasTrinitas.com . We also do PvP and RP if you are interested in either of those.

I am not sure if you are just looking for a raid group and not a guild? It looks like you are already in a level 25 guild.

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