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Earthen Ring
Hey guys,
I'm looking for a low level guild that I can grow with as a player. I just rolled a tauren paladin (named Cowherdly) and I'm looking for a guild that I can help level, get achievements, and hopefully eventually raid when the guild gets to the higher ranks with more players. Thanks!
Hi Pandoma. Shadow Walkers is a LvL 13 guild. We are mainly social but the GM likes to Dungeon and Raid. Because of the fact that we have 23 members (including ALTS) but only 4 active players, raiding and dungeons become a problem, specially for guild runs. We will be happy to have you for we don't have low level active players. If you want to join our guild maybe you have an idea on how to make this happen. Not sure when you are on so picking you up in game will be a bit of a trick. Will check back later. All the best.


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