LF pvp guild w/ ppl focused on rating

This season I'm seeking glad and I'm in need of others who share a similar goal. Due to focus on pve and pvp, I've only achieved rival, but I am completely focused on pvp now and seeking to become the top. I spend 30-40 hours a week pvping and am available for arenas. I also have a rdruid full mal/dread if someone is more interested in that.
GPOD, Squats and oats, Ghost division, WHATEVS IM OVER IT. WHATEVS IM OVER IT has the most high rated players. GPOD blows but if you take the time to get into the clique they have then it might be fun. Ghost division has a ton of people. Squats and oats I dunno. Your best bet is to whisper someone in game, majority of people don't use the forums.
Squats and Oats is a great PvP guild and I hear they've already got their RBGs rolling.

I highly recommend them.
hi smoke! <3

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