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Well yesterday I purchased a 42" TV at a special "1hour online sale while stocks last" at a $120 discount, which came to $400 delivered. The problem is... I don't really even need a TV that big.

I was originally looking at a decent sized 28.5" TV for $200. But when I went to the store they notified me of this special deal which was happening between 7-8pm online only. I considered my options then promptly thanked them for the information then left for home, awaiting the 7pm mark. When it reached 7pm, I was at the website. My finger hovered over this button and I thought to myself "if I don't do this now, I won't get a chance again". So I purchased.

So anyway, this actually kept me awake last night, I even turned my computer on at one point (near midnight) and searched for a cancel order feature, only to find in the FAQ that they don't refund due to change of mind.

So yeah, I'm getting a decent sized TV. I didn't really need it, but I felt pressured by this sale to make me waste $200 more than I initially was inclined to spend. I guess I can look at the upside of this purchase that I will have a decent sized TV at a nice discount, but I still feel like I could have used extra $200 I spent on more important things.

I was a victim of clever marketing I guess.

Post your stories of "buyers remorse" if you have them!
I've seen TV commercials for grocery and retail stores that spew the tagline "The more you buy, the more you save!" and I wondered if people actually fell for that. Thank you.

*Insert cool starry bra.jpg*
I was at a pho shop. I ordered pho tai. After eating I was still hungry so I ordered a Bao.

I regret nothing.

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