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im having issues with my A dn D keys (bound to strafe left and right) they only seem to stick when im in battle wich is the worst time.

im running mac and using a Razer Anansi key board - but i was having the same issue on my mac wireless keyboard hence why i bought the Razer yet im still having this issue.

can anyone suggest anything?
11/26/2012 01:53 AMPosted by Dlinkwnt
can anyone suggest anything?

Yea, post over in the Mac technical support forums. Sorry but they would have better luck helping you.
This happens to me all the time and it was explained to me as being a driver issue. It's usually triggered when you push too many buttons on the keyboard at once, which is easy to do during a battle when things are a bit chaotic.

It was not WoW specific either. It also happened to me on the other MMO that I played. (Imagine your character running off and aggroing the final boss in a raid. -_- )

I can fix it one of two ways. Exiting the game completely and restarting it, or if I'm lucky enough, pushing several keys opposite to the ones that are seemingly 'stuck.'

If you're stuck strafing left, push the right strafe and some other keys next to it, for example. The most foolproof way is to simply exit the game and restart, but it's really up to you.
I also have a Anansi but for PC, I have the same exact problems. I had a razer keyboard before that also did this and my friend owns a different razer keyboard and his also does this. Its a Razer problem and I really wish they would fix it =P
I was able to fix this problem by going to razers website and updating my firmware which was out of date find your device and open the link there should be a firmware updater program it and update your firmware...easy peasy took 5 minute and no more problems for me. Hope this helps
Hey had this same problem and just fixed it. Load the Razer Ansari Configurator then go to macros. Make sure that by accident that you didn't make the D key a macro. I had done it somehow in game and I thought it was stuck. Hope this helps.

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