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Finally made my way to Jade Forest (MoP) but I'm seeing a real problem that I think may be my gear.

First, the adds in the starting area of Jade Forest are level 84's but to kill them it takes at least double the time and effort. As a disc priest I'm used to getting adds down pretty quick. Plus, my mana is drained by the time I kill 2-3 adds. Needless to say, I stopped playing because I can't even get past the first 2 quests in Jade Forest without dying by either running out of mana or the adds killing me because they hit me harder than I hit them.

Is this gear-related and how in the world do I get better gear at this point?
My advice is to stick to it.

Its the same kind of jump when transitioning from Wrath of the Lich King to Cataclysm.
Yes, it is gear related, as you only have an item level of 296.You will get better gear over time, but until you do, things are going to be difficult. So, continue your questing and you will eventually get better gear.

However, if you feel that you really need to get a boost in terms of gear, check the auction house for CHEAP greens that can help your item level.
Yes, it is most certainly gear related.

All of your items are from either the starter Cata zones or they're from the end of WotLK, I'm curious how you advanced 5 levels without getting any gear upgrades at all (lots of dailies perhaps?).

The jump in creature strength from Cataclysm to MoP is similar to the jump in creature strength from WotLK to Cata. In other words: When you first start out in MoP, if you're not careful you will get pwned repeatedly, even in all level 85 gear from Cata.

If you have the gold, I'd suggest looking for some MoP starter greens (with the appropriate stats) on the AH. If not, keep trying, be VERY careful, and you'll eventually get those first few quests out of the way. Once you get your first few MoP upgrades, things will get easier, and when you're in almost all MoP items, you'll find that things will be back to the balance you're used to.
There's also a vendor in Dawn's Blossom who sells 372 ilvl greens for every class, which you can equip at 85. It's not too long of a ride, and you can mostly stick to roads, so I wouldn't think you'd have much trouble getting there.


Those items are no better than what you'd eventually get from doing quests in the zone, but using them to replace a couple of your lowest pieces straight away might ease the transition since some of your gear is so far behind.

As an aside, you probably shouldn't queue as a healer for any MoP dungeons until your gear is fully updated to MoP level and you're no longer struggling to quest. The dungeons similarly have a big leap in how hard the mobs are, just like in the open world, and you and the group could be in for a frustrating time if everyone's gear isn't up to par.
Thanks for the input, all.

As for how I got to lvl 85 with the current gear, (asked by Avanna) I basically ran dungeons and upgraded what I could. I still don't understand these hikes in gear stats between expansions. :(

It seems as a healer leveling happens faster than playing DPS. I leveled before I felt like I was ready for MoP considering the gear difference.
11/26/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Marissah
I still don't understand these hikes in gear stats between expansions. :(

The gear (and creature strength/health) hikes in between expansions is to account for the people that have completed (and are wearing gear from) the last heroic raid from the prior expansion.

For example:

The jump from Classic 60 questing to BC 60 questing is to account for the people who (way back when) had finished Molten Core on heroic and had all that gear, so the beginner quests would still have upgrades for them and the creatures would be in line with them. The jump from BC questing at 70 to WotLK questing, was likewise to account for those that had the gear from completing Magistrar's Terrace. The jump from WotLK to Cata was to account for those that had the gear from completing ICC, and the jump from Cata to MoP was to account for those that had the gear from completing Dragon Soul.

Sadly, these stat hikes have a tendency to leave the non-raiding players (and players leveling up through the content in the future) with a large obstacle to overcome.
11/26/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Marissah
I still don't understand these hikes in gear stats between expansions. :(

It's basically because when you get to the current max level, you stay there for a while and collect a lot of good gear. During Cataclysm players were sitting at 85 for a couple of years, upgrading all our gear several times over. Jade Forest was tuned with that in mind, so it would be of appropriate difficulty for folks in high-end gear. Unfortunately, when you level a new character through that transition, you don't have that gear so you experience a sudden awkward "gap" until you catch up. What was supposed to be in that gap is gear from a bunch of content you didn't do because you weren't playing that character when Cataclysm was the current expansion.

You didn't do anything wrong, it's just the way they choose to deal with expansion transitions. It can be a bit of an annoyance, I agree.
Yup, there's a big jump up - if there weren't players who level capped and geared out even in heroic 5mans (to say nothing of raid gear) would find no challenge whatsoever in the opening zones.

Thankfully, the early quest rewards very quickly feed you gear to set you equal with the previous expansions raiders. To give you an idea, my previous main had been geared through H Dragon Soul, but had replaced almost all his gear before leaving Jade Forest.
You may also want to consider looking at a shadow off-set. It's by no means required, since healer specs are more than capable of killing bad guys while keeping themselves alive. However, since shadow is designed primarily for damage you'd find that bad guys die more quickly.

Definitely stick to it, whichever route you take for levelling - upgrades in gear come pretty quickly when you're replacing non-raid gear!
I highly recommend not playing disc if you are planning on soloing 85+ mobs. Shadow spec does not drain mana too much when played right and can allow you to kill mobs much faster. Shadow spec also has access to dispersion for getting mana back. Disc is a healing spec and while it can solo, it's not efficient at all. If you want to continue to solo with disc you'll have to accept that downside to it.

Now if you just want to do dungeons until 90 being disc is fine, but don't expect to be able to quest like a DPS spec.
Shadow is faster, but disc is 100% doable to quest in. I quested from 86-90 as disc with the only real issues coming in the form of panda rares. WTB reliable interrupt. PST.
Oh yah it's completely doable, and you will be much more tanky with your healing ability, but if you are undergeared I think the focus will need to be killing mobs before they kill you.

I currently have 3 priests in MOP content and while I normally play 2 of them as healers the changes to shadow in MOP make leveling a breeze. 3 orb stack devouring plagues will rip apart MOP mobs.

I would say just chain run dungeons if you love playing disc, but I find that chain running dungeons in MOP is way less efficient then questing, unless you have a very reliable fast group.
11/26/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Monmonn
while I normally play 2 of them as healers the changes to shadow in MOP make leveling a breeze. 3 orb stack devouring plagues will rip apart MOP mobs.

So true. I made the suggestion to consider respeccing to shadow because it's fresh on my mind: just last night I started to level my priest through MoP content. She's been disc her whole virtual life, and I'd been finding it slow going. I switched one of her two disc specs to shadow and flew through the mobs. Her Cata gear was nothing to write home about, and I'm using what I'm sure is a really really basic spriest rotation, but it's been a huge quality of life improvement for me.
Gosh darn it, all this talk of Disc being puny in MoP against mobs got my ire up, and I was about to issue a stern finger-wagging! Then I reconsidered, for three reasons:

1. Single mobs are no problem. Shield up, set flame-thrower to 11, and melt that candle! However, multiple mobs are a chore and a half. On occasion it can be "oh flit!"

2. Sadly, the glorious week we had as OP where spells really did go to 11 died the death of a thousand (PvP) whines long before MoP. What a time! 1 - 2 shotting mobs 2 -3 levels above us... sigh.

3. You've all been talking up Shadow, a spec I always felt was sadly lacking as DPS. I shall renew my acquaintance with it and see if it's really so hot. I suspect I'll get something horribly wrong and despise it all over again.

Okay, item 4: I've been leveling a couple of Blood DKs and they may be slow, but stuff dies wholesale and they come out with full health, ready for more. I guess I like tanky specs.

A priest can tank, right?
Stacking as much spirit as you can will alleviate your mana shortage woes.

It looks like you were able to upgrade your equipment, and/but keep an eye out for a friendly tailor (in guild, maybe?) who might be able to supply some crafted blues. They are ilevel 415, and reall make a difference.

I want to know when/how you got used to "getting adds down pretty quick" as disc. Frankly, I'm insanely jealous if this is the case. Personally, I find killing a long, slow process in questing. I was VERY nervous about leveling this priest, especially after the difficulties I faced on my mage. But Smite healing is a miracle! It may take me a while to whittle down a mob, but shielding and Atonement keep me at 100% health. And I walk away from even long fights with 60-70% mana at the worst.

Here's a hint: look for the Ancient Jinyu Staff. It's easy to find in the Jade Forest, and is a nice BoA rare. (Sorry for my inability to link the item.)

Good luck!

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