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Well i'm tired of the lag and fps drops while playing WoW, and I am thinking of getting a gaming PC for Christmas. I'm around the 4- $500 range and am looking for advice for an average PC. I don't wan't ultra settings or even high. I just wish to play on medium to fair settings but with high FPS. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Are you comfortable building your own, or would you prefer to buy it pre-built?
I'd much rather pre-built.
If we assume you're playing at 1080p, and with no monitor or other accessories factored into the price, any prebuilt PC you buy for $500 will likely not give you a satisfactory experience in WoW. You'd either have to run it in a tiny window or suffer through low FPS.
I'm not looking for ultra settings and such, even 30 FPS all around would be fine and on fair settings. Even $500 can't buy at least 30 FPS? Also, I have a monitor already so all the money would go strictly to the PC.
Yeah, they are serious. New pre-built that is $500 or less: it won't give you 30 FPS @ 1080p
Hmm. I kind of want to try to build my own, but i fear i will mess something up. Is it hard to build one? Do all the parts come together when buying them or will I have to buy from different stores?
It's easy. But pictures speak thousand words; go Youtube and look for "how to build pc" or something like it. NewEgg has comprehensive video on Youtube about it.

You don't have to buy from different stores, but in order to save maximum $, you must.
Thanks. Well I'll look into this, but one last question. Is there any brands or types of PCs that you know of that will get the job done and are a budget price?
CyberPowerPC / iBuyPower works decently enough, but you need to spend more money, if you refuse to build your own and still want a new PC.
Thank you for all the info! And I also wanted to know, if i built my own PC that could run WoW pretty good, would it be around 500 dollars, or would it be more?
Around or slightly above $500

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