Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus

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Did I miss this on the PAtch notes somewhere?

Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus
Binds when picked up
Item Level 1
Requires Golden Lotus - Revered
Use: Unlocks 100% bonus reputation gain with the Golden Lotus for all characters on this account.
So did anyone else see this in the notes or did Blizz not include it after all?
Yeah it was in the notes, But I just wish that that made it so that every faction had it for exalted only and it made all other characters on your account Exalted with that faction. I mean We did the work did the rep grind to get to exalted Did we not so why not recognize that fact no one wants to have to rep grind for 3 or more characters.
Even when rep was at its easiest in Cata with rep tabards you still had to do each rep on a new character, the idea that reps should be shared all of a sudden is rediculous.
No faction specific notes, just that they would be available for all rep grinds once you hit rev.
Does not work as of 12/2/12 all toons get normal golden lotus rep.

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