[H] Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild.

Bleeding Hollow
I am thinking of transfering to Bleeding Hollow, and I am looking to see if there are any guilds in need of a healing priest. With my current work schedule ( Graveyard) finding raids that work with my real life schedule on the west coast is difficult.

I am looking for a progressive, social, and semi-serious raiding guild looking to have fun, but seeks constant progression. I am currently i479, Looking to do some MV and move into HoF quickly.

So....if your guild raids between 6-11pm Server time, I would love to hear from you on here :)

Thank you!!
Hey there,

Dracarys currently needs a healer for group 2 core. We raid from 8:30 - 11:30 ish server time. Check us out at Dracarys.enjin.com and let us know if this may be a good fit for you.

<Game Craze> (under temporary guild name till we get guild xfered over) 10 man heroic progression oriented guild Transferring to Bleeding Hollow this week and looking to recruit skilled players to fill out core spots and start clearing content next week 1/6H MV and 3/6 HoF:

-Healers - looking for priest and/or monk heals, preferably with a good progression background
-Plate Melee dps with tank off-spec (preferably frost dk with blood os)
-Dps with good healing off-spec (preferably not shaman) - spriest/boomkin preferred mistweaver/holy pally if exceptional wouldn't mind either
-Exceptional Warlock may also have a place here

Raid Times - Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm EST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST (3 Nights/9 hours)

- if boss kills are close be ready to push an extra half hour or so do not be someone who is looking to log off at 10pm or 11pm sharp on raid nights though this does not happen often!

-We are not looking for people who only log on for raids, we want to have a good guild community and to be able to accomplish other goals not during raid times, such as rated bgs and challenge modes.

Contact in game for more info (realid):
Dennis-fico@hotmail.com - roidrage (GM)
ciullasfootball@yahoo.com - alluic (officer)
tbradle1@stevens.edu - snaucee (officer)

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