Warrior Nerf's (+ ones BLIZZ didnt tell you)

Avatar: Play with a holy pally or (gasp) WAIT to use your CD's, stop boneheading your fanboy swifty macro at the start of every match. Also, BS instead of DS since they "OMFGNERFEDRAGEGEN" - I honestly cannot tell a difference.

Gag Order: Thanks Blizz for the free glyph slot and GCD. You just have to be a decent warrior now and you know, catch the interrupt now... remember, its what you had to do before MoP. True Warriors didn't use the glyph back in Wrath anyway unless you were rolling ATC in 3s.

Now heres the kicker, those are the nerfs that were changed before MoP went live.

OPs mad cause he 10/7'd Fury Nerfd and stil win.
One less to worry about.
Honestly I was a bit annoyed until I learned the tooltip was an update. I was confused because for some reason on Tuesday I seemed to hit for next to nothing.

I have been enjoying stormbolt quite a bit as its useable on a wider range of enemies than heroic throw silence. Yes warriors have had shield bash for a long time but it required a macro which for some reason stops people from using it.

The avatar nerf is rather amusing, I find I really didn't need it to make my burst powerful. Easy fix for the "rage starve" build up some rage before you burst don't just charge and blow your cd's it makes you look like a joke.

Gag order
Any decent warrior gets onto a healer and wears it down at least a tad. At the right time you interrupt a heal with pummel for 4 seconds longer than the 3 second silence from gag. You then follow that up with a shockwave. All you lose is the heroic throw silence after shockwave that you could replace with stormbolt for a DR stun.

After playing for awhile post 5.1 I'm very much okay with blizzard.
When a single nerf takes you back to having to play like your still in cata having to focus more on just surviving the majority of the fight and getting consistently slowed and rooted then yeah I consider it a big deal. This is what happened back in early cata and it never improved for warriors. Also just want to point out that i knew this would happen and posted on forums during the beta.

Take away a melee class’s ability to counter movement impairing effects and you effectively turn PvP into a caster only system.
I have been PVPing as a warrior since LK and was pleasantly suprised when MoP came out that they gave warriors a RANGED interrupt/silence.

I was like, "finally maybe I'll be able to be a little more competitive against caster classes *cough *cough frost mages"

Then I read the patch notes for 5.1 and saw that it was being removed and needless to say I'M PISSED.

I can deal with every other nerf except for that one. I'm sick of the undying love that blizzard seems to have for caster classes (especially frost mages). Looking at the arena teams that made it to the battle.net finals I see priest, mage, in almost every team. Where are the warriors? I think I saw one.
oh sweet sweet warrior tears, mmmm tasty
11/29/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Feedmelol
oh sweet sweet warrior tears, mmmm tasty

If it's tears you want, you should check out the rogue forums. They got a river flowing over there.
... Erm, I use it in PvE to get caster monsters in melee range in a group pull?
11/28/2012 10:12 PMPosted by Malfurios
Since they damage capped Execute, let us use it from 80% health, I'm just saying, for !@#$s and giggles.

That's tanks only. Please reread the notes.

That's not even tanks only, it's tanks only with lots of vengeance to keep tanks from doing 7 digit executes - and of all the nerfs done to warriors, this is the one pvp warriors should have nothing to say about, and pve warriors should just chuckle a bit then get back to their jobs.
Let then nerf all they want makes it that much more fun and satisfying when you kill that mage or preist.
11/30/2012 07:57 AMPosted by Digitized
You warriors are such b!tch criers lmfao. Suck it up, you weren't even nerfed hard you noobs.

LOL check huntard forums. They've been crying for a long time causing overfill to flood other class forums.
LMAO have you noticed in almost every warrior forum there is a rogue or huntard trying to say something? They should check there own class forums for the mass amounts of QQ'ing that put these warrior threads to shame lol
Dont see what the big deal is, it was time for warriors to get nerfed yet even with 5.1 it doesnt seem like enough for them. they are pretty op most of the time, every arena comp has one that does insane amount of burst on ppl.
This must be a troll or some kind of terrible late night comedy joke. Starting with this garbage right here

11/28/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Levìticus
Avatar of course, in my opinion this single nerf as taken warriors from possibly the top or 2nd best PvP class to the near bottom. (Maybe even lower than rogues from 5.0)

Just to clarify you think that 20 seconds of being immune to movement impairing affects while dealing 20% increased damage and gaining infinite rage for spamming heroic strike is totally balanced? Yes yes thats fine and dandy I understand you finally felt like you could move past that 1750 bracket with this amazing Talent alone. If only they would have given warriors more mobility when they nerfed this skill right? Ele Shamans, Rogues, Ret Pallys, Monks, and DKs are at the bottom of the PVP chain sorry to break it to you but Warriors are more mobile, have more cc, survivability and damage cooldowns than all of these classes put together. (Exageration. not really)

Not only do we get played with like a rag doll now with every class having an unlimited supply of slows and only takes 2 roots to lock us down now, .

Spot on. Really some good wise raging right here. As a rag doll I assume you are referring to the tiny window in time where your 12 second charge is on cooldown along with your 20 second cooldown four second stun and not to mention your 30 second cooldown Heroic Leap which crits for 50-80k with cooldowns up? Or you must be talking about the fact that after your 12 second charge you get rooted, proceed to Safeguard to your banner as a second charge to connect to your enemy once again and now only have 7 or 8 seconds before you can use charge again assuming Heroic Leap in on CD. You are totally right tho. Maybe charge shouldnt have a cooldown since you know.. Roots and Snares have none. OR MAYBE you should think about putting hamstring on your bars. I know its a tough concept to have to use an ability that doesnt do damage when you finally connect to your ever so slippery enemy.

11/28/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Levìticus
Blizz thought it would be funny to make us rage starved again by taking away Avatar’s +30% rage generation.

11/28/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Levìticus
With just this one part of Avatar’s nerf you are taking away our ability to have some extra rage to use for Execute, Shattering throw, Raging Blow, Wild Strike, etc. This nerf alone cut about 35% into my bursting ability.

How dare Blizzard take away the only ability which allowed you to gain Rage at a rapid rate. HOW DARE THEY FORCE YOU TO NOT SPAM HEROIC STRIKE. Blasphemy for Warriors. Making Mortal Strike/Colossus Smash/Overpower free to cast were simply not enough. Heroic Strike needs to be spammed because damage is just not there. What a concept, to NOT use Heroic Strike unless above 60 Rage while you are passively doing damage. I imagine you have never seen a Taste for Blood stack past 1, or maybe you weren't even aware these stacks existed! Always happy to help fellow Warriors with class mechanics. I have to say the ONLY part I don't agree about this is the 35% bursting nerf. Heroic Strike is easily 80% of your burst with your infinite mongrel damage cooldowns hitting for 150K-250K. Oh wait thats right you dont use stacks.

Now on to Gag Order, WHO THE HELL NEEDS A SILENCE FOR PvE?!?!? Now I’m sure only true warriors know this but we have had Gag Order since WtLK

If you have any interest in Blizzard making PVP balanced again you will never talk about Gag Order again. Yes we had it in Wrath, but other than the fact that as Arms it was only used with Heroic Throw, you also had to spec out of Piercing Howl and Blood Craze (Health Regen) in order to go into the Prot tree. NOW not only do you not have to worry about loosing any additional skills or survivability but you also are given TWO silences. But your totally right, Casters should not be able to cast at all. Shockwave into a Silence into another Silence to stop every single cast being thrown at you is totally balanced. And hey look Shockwave is off CD again and Silence isn't DRd anymore lets rotate those abilities every 20 seconds and make whoever we are training unable to play their class.. you know cuz we are WARRIORS RAWR.

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