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I saw a thread like this a few months ago when 5.0 came out, and I have been unable to find the same thread so I figured I should ask the community for help myself.

Basically, I need help with a macro that would show the spell icon and cooldown of a talent spell. In this situation I want to make a macro that will contain Howl of Terror, Mortal Coil and Shadowfury. In addition, I want the macro's icon to change depending on the talent that I am using. Any help is appreciated :D
TellMeWhen can do that http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tellmewhen , some macro guru could probably also come up with something but TMW should be easier.
Thanks, i don't like to rely on addons, but that Wow interface website had the code i needed

(/run SetMacroSpell("MacroName",GetSpellInfo("ability1") or "ability2"))

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