[H] 10 - Gentlemens Club - 4/6 H MSV 6/6 4/4

Guild Website: http://gcguild.net/
WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/Gentlemens+Club

You may remember Gentlemens Club from the 25 man scene as the top guild on Korgath for a long time. Well, a lot of use went our separate ways in Dragon Soul, and we stopped raiding as a 25 man guild. However, we have recently been raiding with exactly 10 people on a casual friendly schedule of one or two nights a week, and we would like to add some new faces to our group.

I'm making this post because one of the downsides of raiding with exactly 10 people is that when one person can't make the raid, it has to be called, and progress is hindered for the week. We currently clear our farm content in a couple hours, and would love a flexible enough roster to support a day of progression a week with allowance for absence.

Our typical schedule is Tuesday 8:30 EST and Sunday 7:30 EST, but the days are subject to change.

That being said, we are looking for the following:
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Guardian/DPS Druid
  • Enhancement/Restoration Shaman
  • Exceptional players

If you are interested please go to our website (link at the top), and send a PM to Myrx with the following:

Subject: Name - Class - Specs
1) Armory Link
2) DPS Parse Link (World of Logs)
3) Screenshot of your UI (imgur please)
4) What Glyphs would you use for your pve raid spec and why?
5) Why are you interested in joining GC, and what are your goals once guilded?
6) Detail your MMO background and prior raid experience.
7) Do you have internet reliability?
8) Anything else that you'd like to tell us.

You may think that's a lot of information for an application to a casual schedule 10 man guild, but I assure you we are great players, and we want to be surrounded by great players. There's a reason we're still the top horde guild on the server even at one or two raid nights a week. If you think that this is the kind of environment that you'd like to play in, and you're an excellent player, please apply. I look forward to talking with you soon.
Bump. Our next raid is Sunday 7:30 EST.
bump looking for DPS

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