{ H } Warlock Seeking Weekend Raid Group

Posting on an alt. Will talk to inquiring parties on the warlock in question.

A little about myself, I am a 470 Affliction Warlock, 6/6 MSV 1/6 MSV H, 2/6 HOF

I am looking for a guild that raids on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Times aren't a huge concern, as long as it's not early morning start time. ( Afternoon, Night, Late night are fine )

I have more than sufficient gold for repairs, pots, flasks, food etc.

What I am looking for in a guild.

- Casual, yet serious environment. ( By casual I do not mean 1-4/6 ) I mean not raid !@#$s.
- A fun group of friends, who like to bs around. But get content down.
- 5/6 MSV is a minimum. ( I spent enough time learning elegon when it was progression )
- Cake or Pie?

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