[H] Bad Manners is Recruiting 10 4/6H 6/6 4/4

Power Overwhelming
We also enjoy playing Planetside 2 in our downtime right now, unless you're named Aethershock in which case you play Pokemon!
Now with less Amber Shaping.
Made quick work of Empress Gary tonight.
I support anything the poster above me says. App today to find out why!
Bump Starting Terrace this weekend
Still looking for some solid new raiders, not benchwarmers
Started Terrace, knocked most of it down. 3/4 First week, still looking for quality players
The cats in the bag..
come raid w/ us tonight

btw we're 16/16 now
Updated recruitment, moving on to heroics
Merry Christmas
Still looking...might be opening up a mage slot in preparation for 5.2

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