70s thread of pet battles are more fun

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11/29/2012 02:29 PMPosted by Tramprat
way to go, jane


also stotch I'm sending this drawing to you in-game I don't want to get permabanned from forums lmfao

Rip stotch
People should que BGs
greater healing potion
11/29/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Lighttone
Rip stotch

haha lol !!!!1 :D xD
11/29/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Tramprat
greater healing potion

to soothe your poor tormented soul
if it smells like chloroform that's just a coincidence
stotch and his pearl necklace
shutup kookie
k :(
rip cide
rename 2 suicide
hi mom
koukuei u just went back 2 b4 whispers koukuei for me ://///
im so mad
madness is the gift that has been given to me
Mama keep the pots and pans in the kitchen.
I be banging on the pans in the kitchen.
So mama don't be trying to hide the pans in the kitchen

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