I need simple brainless ele macros...

Just hit 90 and there are so many changes since Cata (when I actively played my shaman) I don't even know where to begin. Can someone post some simple macros that tie in Ascendance, Unleash Elements, Elemental Blast and other spells that have staggered CDs so I only have to worry about mashing a few buttons in order to maximize dps? I'd really appreciate it. :)
Just cast flameshock, ascendance, and spam lava burst.
Ele dps is super easy.

Keep Flame Shock up, Lava Burst, Earth shock at 5-7 stacks, Elemental Blast, and then lightning bolt. I mean the most you have to worry about it dropping searing totem once every minute.
Is elemental blast even that much of a DPS increase over primal elementalist? Seems like you could make the rotation even simpler if you wanted to, by taking a different talent.
90 Gnome Warlock
Ex Tenebra
Is elemental blast even that much of a DPS increase over primal elementalist? Seems like you could make the rotation even simpler if you wanted to, by taking a different talent.

Elementals have 5 minute CDs.... EB can be used every 12 seconds.
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Is elemental blast even that much of a DPS increase over primal elementalist?

Nope. It's minor. So like if you use your Elementals consistently but are terrible at using EB (or don't want the extra thought in it) then PE could easily be the better talent.

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Primal Elementalist with Elemental Mastery would be unreal burst damage.

Yeah. PE/EM/Ascend with GoFE would be insane on Spine xD

That and we'd take Totemic Restoration and drop Searing as soon as the plate drops for the further reduced CD on the FET so that we'd likely have it up again for each lift.

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Either way I'm pretty sure all of the level 90 talents are parses fairly close together. Not much of a huge difference, just depends on what you prefer and what suites the raid encounter best.

UF is a little below the others, but all three are within 5% or so of each other.
Elemental Blast is 2-3% ahead, according to EJ, so it's negligible and fight based, personally I like it for having the extra button to push so I don't fall asleep.
Here i have a VERY simple macro which even at level 86 could kill an 89.
(You will probably have to change your talents for this.)
Here it is:

/cast Ascendance
/cast Spirit Walkers Grace
/cast Healing Tide Totem (you could use Ancestral Guidance, your choice)
/cast Astral Shift
/cast Elemental Mastery
and you COULD throw in Heroism just for the heck of it but I choose not to.

What this does is it enables you to walk while just SPAMMING Lava Burst (make sure you use Flame Shock before you use this macro) and the Healing Tide Totem/ Ancestral Guidance heals you + you take 50% less damage (Astral Shift). If you choose to use Ancestral Guidance over Healing tide totem it heals you for 40% of the damage you will be Spamming. This is VERY helpful because you can spam like 40k every 2 seconds BUT I use Healing tide because if your silenced you have no way of healing yourself, so your choice.

I also use:

/cast Unleashed Fury
/cast Lightning Bolt
I don`t think you can put all those into macro(I could be wrong). But I use the following macros.

#showtooltip Ascendance
/cast spiritwalker's grace
/cast ascendance
/cast Elemental Mastery
/cast berserking
/cast lava burst

and for elemental blast

/cast Ancestral Swiftness
/cast Elemental Blast

P.s the ascendance macro was found on these forums
Some of my favorites:

#showtooltip <nuke spell>
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use 13
/use 14
/cast <instant buff spell 1>
/cast <instant buff spell 2>
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/cast <nuke spell>

This turns off error sounds, uses both trinkets, activates any instant buffs, clears the error frame and turns sounds back on.

Actual example:

#showtooltip Lightning Bolt
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Lifebloom
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/cast Lightning Bolt

Now I never forget my Herbalism buff. Add in a racial, like Troll berserking or Orc bloodfury. You can add more in as you like on the buff section, or take out a trinket if you want to preserve it for timing. If you took Elemental Mastery or Ancestral Guidance and forget to use it, add it in as an instant buff. Obviously, timing buffs for maximum impact will not always happen with this macro, but you'll get more DPS than if you forgot to use it at all.

I tend to be on CC more on my Warlock, but occasionally I am on CC with my Shaman. I use the focus frame for that.

#showtooltip <cc spell>
/focus [modifier:alt] Focus; [modifier:shift]; [target=focus,exists,nodead] Focus; [harm]
/cast [modifier:alt] <cc spell>; [target=focus] <cc spell>

Put in Hex, Bind Elemental, Wind Shear, Purge or any trinket with a CC on it, whatever. This will cast the CC on your focus target without changing your main target. I once used the same macro for Cleanse when I had to take tank debuff cleansing duty, just making the tank my focus instead. If you don't have a focus target, your current main target gets made your focus. Modifiers do what they are told to, read the script. :)

I suggest adding a /focus and /clearfocus macro (and keybind or button) if you use that.

Here's a fun mount spell. Casts Ghost Wolf if you want or are in combat, your flyer if you can fly where you are, or your land mount if not. Press again to cancel.

/cast [combat,nomounted][button:2][modifier] Ghost Wolf
/cast [nostance,nocombat,flyable] <flying mount name>
/cast [nostance,nocombat,noflyable] <standard mount name>
/dismount [mounted]
/cancelform [stance]
I'm 100% sure you can use them together I have tried.

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