Anyone killed Disruptron yet? If so have you done it on a Shaman yet?

I could use some tips or something as there seems to be like no info on this guy out on the net yet. Hes one of the Rank 8 guys in the Brawlers Guild and the only one I havn't beat yet.

Sometimes I can jump through the lazers and not take damage, other times I get 1 shot. I want to say it has something to do with the fuzzy part that is in the middle of the lazer beams sometimes but nothing I do is consistent enough to say for sure. Some attempts I can jump through like 10 times others the 1st lazer murders me.
The best is when the fire in the horde brawler's arena turns on and it becomes really hard to see the attenuation things and the lasers while Disruptron stands ontop of the grates.

EDIT: I also just jump over all the lasers. If you do a jump and instantly do another one the instant you hit the ground you seem to not move on the server side and get killed.

EDIT2: Just had a 200k wipe =[

EDIT3: Protip: You can dispel the stun using sham rage glyph and capacitor totem glyphed will always stun him if you drop it as soon as possible after he starts casting static shock =]

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