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I watched a few rogues yesterday. I don't know the rankings yet, but they did pretty okay. This one rogue Shuriken Toss'd the penguin to death which I thought was pretty funny. Does his melee 1shot you or something?

When I get an invite I'm probably going to do it on my hunter. All of the hunters I watched went untouched and basically facerolled the mob.
Penguin is in Rank 1. Its peck oneshots you, but if he's not against the wall he gets knocked back, which interrupts his Peck cast. So if you stand in the middle and let him come to you, you won't have a problem.
Watching an awful lot of tank-specced people fighting. Funny because of the bulti-in enrage, lol.

I do a match, I finish in under a minute. Guess that AR+SB burst off the bat really takes a chunk out.
I got to the first fight in rank 7 fairly easily. Only boss i had trouble on was the bird in Rank 6.

For Yikkan Izu (the Anzu bird) you want to make sure that you dont kill his little bird friends too fast. When one dies it gives him 1 stack of a buff. When he gets 5 stacks he enrages. I tried multiple times being careful about it. But the winning strat for me was to use Blade Flurry, and single target the big bird. Natural energy regen was slow enough to allow the stacks to reset, and i simply just used CDs and burst him.

Now I am stuck on GG engineering. Im dying when they are at 50-70% each time. The damage I take is just too high. Most time Im not even dying from the bombs. More research will need to be done.

Keep on brawling rogues. We can win, despite our disadvantages!
Could someone here enlighten me on how stealth works in the beginning of the fights? Are you able to stealth, and does the opponent come right for you anyway? I know vanish will end the fight.
@Eligio - The problem I'm having is with bladefury up I'm still killing the birds off too fast and if I'm not super duper careful about turning BF on and off he'll enrage. Then if he DOESN'T enrage I just run the heck out of cooldowns to avoid taking so much damage.

@Keljran - You can start the fights in stealth. Only problem is most of the stuff can't be sapped and they WILL catch you in stealth, so I make sure to blow Shadow Walk at the start of each map to (hopefully) get my cheap shot in every time.
Yeah Izu gave me alot of trouble and to tell you the truth i only beat it by luck but yeah combat is the way to go with prep for double evasion and a combat rediness in between the evasions and if you can get your hands on some buffs and healthstones they really help.

For GG engineering i went assassin and focused down the 1 that shoots the death ray until she ports then popped combat rediness and focused down the bomber until he ported and i went back and forth.

Mind numbing was a godsend for the death ray goblin considering she is the only 1 that you take damage from if you can dodge the bomber which isn't that hard.

Dirty tricks helped me alot after my combat rediness and double cloak and jsut let her bleed to death near the end while in a blind gouge and kidney.

Keep feint up of course with the 30%dmg reduction talent and get yourself health pots and a healthstone i can't begin to tell how crucial they are to the later fights.

Good luck fellow rogues and take great pleasure when you beat these encounters because we certainly earn it.
11/29/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Sproose
Yeah Izu gave me alot of trouble and to tell you the truth i only beat it by luck but yeah combat is the way to go with prep for double evasion and a combat rediness in between the evasions and if you can get your hands on some buffs and healthstones they really help.

The best part is all the rogues on the side-line who either don't have an invitation or are stuck on Dippy the penguin who keep whispering me "omg take bladefury off! You need to keep up recup!"


Go away. *sobs*

Brawl club is pretty decent for rogue, i managed to steamroll through ranks 1 through 6, but managed to hit a deadstop at the first fight in rank 7.

for those looking to go all the way, I highly suggest you look at:

The first rank 7 fight is really difficiult for melee, especially us.
Yeah my strat for this fight was pretty similar to that guys. I'll copy what I posted in a handy guide I found.

Luckily enough I only had to do GG Engineering around 6 times before I finally downed it, so maybe some tips on how I did it as melee (without actual factual offheals) would help? Kind of rogue specific, but other classes can substitute their own similar abilities in place of ones rogues have in their kit so here goes.

DPS the one with the lasers (the gnome) and keep dancing around him - strafe in a circle, back and forth, just keep moving so you can dodge the rocket landings.

Gouge and stun him him a lot when he starts casting his lasers. The rockets keep damaging him while he's locked in place, but they won't break your gouge.

When Laser Gnome ports to a bubble run into it and take some time to let your recuperate roll, bandage if you need, all that jazz. When the bubble shrinks hit him with a gouge or a stun and start ducking out to avoid the incoming rocket barrage.

Mind Numbing poison and it's increased shiv effect does seem to work on slowing the rocket/laser casts, but regardless of this I used leeching and shived pretty much every time it was off cooldown to help in keeping my health up.

I used Prep for double cloak, leeching for heals, nerve strike (since combat readiness does nothing here I think), and dirty tricks for lots of free gouges. - all as mutilate btw, and I used the majority of my combo points for recup and stuns.

Here's a spiffy little guide to all the bosses - or at least a basic run down of their abilities:
I'm stuck on Dark Summoner. Not a bad fight, but rng ghost spawns are awful.
They really need to stop with the stealth-breaking features.

It's very simple. If you Vanish in a Brawl, the mob should continue to attack you. The advantage is that you'll have a chance to re-open with a cheap shot or garrote.

If you're in a Battleground and have a flag or orb, you should still be able to stealth and vanish, but doing so will not prevent other players from seeing/targetting you. However, you will be able to use your stealth abilities and gain access to stealth buffs.
11/30/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Dragomir
I'm stuck on Dark Summoner. Not a bad fight, but rng ghost spawns are awful.

Yeah I'm on this guy too. My RNG is crap for spawns. First one is always in a corner. Ajjghgshgdhsgdhs
Any tips for the Lepper Gnome quintet? I rush in and Killing Spree then pop Adrenaline Rush + Shadow Blades + Blade Flurry, pop Evasion, then pop Cloak of Shadows, then prep and pop Evasion, then Cloak of Shadows again, then Combat Reflexes. I can get three of them down, but after that I run out of cooldowns and I just end up dying slowly. Regen is too slow with Blade Flurry up so I've given up on that without AR. Tried Leeching Poison for Shiv, and tried Crippling Poison but they have some sprint so it's useless.

So I bet a lot of you have noticed how this stuff will bug out and you'll have 3 or 4 people fighting their NPCs at the same time?

Okay so this just happened to me.. I ran through a lock gate while I was trying to avoid AoE and click my buff off (vanish was on CD), instantly got ported out and it counted as a WIN.


I really wanted to legitimately beat the flash light guy. QQ

@Tekunin, I cleaved them all down via chaining SB and AR, not popping them together. Health pot, health stone, not ever letting recup fall off, prep evasion, combat readiness.

Watch your debuff and when it starts to get low on the timer when you have 4+ stacks kite a little bit until it falls off.

Bandage where you can.

Good luck!
Thanks, Jinthiel. The tip on chaining SB and AR made the difference and I just killed those damned Leper Gnomes. On to Rank 6! :)
Woo hoo!
Anyone have any tips for battletron?!
^ Make a Warlock alt, run in circles, collect rank 8.

I just search for threads with Battletron and read, I have invaded many places
Have to say along with mediocre damage outside of having cooldowns up, this stuff is really rough on a guy like myself barely breaking an ilvl of 470. Currently on Smash Hoofstomp trying to beat the enrage timer. Tried to just take out the goblins without using cooldowns and saving them all for after his damage taken is increased, but that didn't pan out.

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