Making gold with jc?

I have a lvl 90 with mining and jc at 600 and what i've been doing at the moment is mining ghost iron ore and prospecting it. I don't know what to do with the gems that i get out of it. I've heard that you should create the jewellery and disenchant it and sell the mats to make a profit, but i dont have an enchanter. i dont know which cuts to make either and the panther mounts aren't selling well.
Can anyone help me?
Without an enchanter, profits will probably be limited. Though I would try making jewelry...say a dozen 85 rings / necks and 1-2 of the level 90 pieces to sell on the AH everyday. Weekends will probably be your busiest times.

Uncommon jewelry you will likely want to post below the cost of the resulting spirit dust to entice enchanters to buy. The rare jewelry you might get a couple hundred gold out of depending on your server.
So i should level an enchanter? Does that cost much?
I am making plenty of gold off rare gems (cut and raw), enought that i am happy with the profit off those alone. Blizz did a favor for JCs without enchanters, if i were you i would stockpile all of those green gems. When people start realizing the perfect cuts are equal to regular rare cuts the prices will rise accordingly.
I've only just hit 600 and this is my first time trying to make gold. How do i know what cuts to make? And do you mean the perfect cuts of the uncommon gems compared to the rare gem cut?
I can tell you how I handle JCing. Your server may need you to behave differently, since they're all unique.

1. Prospect tons of ore.
2. Check prices for ilvl 450 jewelry, make what's selling for a lot.
3. Check price for Primal Diamonds and any cuts you know. If the profit is reasonable make a few.
4. Check prices for rare quality cuts that you know. Make what sells for a lot, or are unlisted if it looks worthwhile.
5. Using your green gems make jewelry. List rare procs, disenchant the rest. I tend to disenchant them if they list for under 50g.
6. Disenchant green jewelry. Make appropriate enchants. I prefer Windsong and Glorious Stats. They sell very quickly. Depending on your server you may want to diversify more.

So, yes, make an enchanter, otherwise shuffling really isn't worth doing. I just leveled a second JC/Ench on my second account and I spend under 8k getting them both to 600. My suggestion is if you're going to make an enchanter anyway, make another profession to go with it. Either tailoring, BS, or LWing. This way you're essentially getting two trades for the cost of one.
If you only have a JC

-Learn cuts everyday
-Prospect/cut rares
-If you know meta cuts, use them if profitable (buy uncut meta, cut, sell)
-Cut all uncommons into good cuts. vendor greens, but the rare "procs" sell on the AH too
-Cut 450 jewelry

Thats it. Less profitable then full shuffle, but self contained profit for the JC-only player. Also easily allows character to keep mining on their character, if they like to do lots of farming this is good, also ability to smelt for profit or for other professions. I keep mining around simply for smelting on one character all the time.
The enchanting market is fairly robust on my server so I've been cutting all the green gems hoping (and getting a decent amount of) perfect cuts. These are rare gems with the same stats as the normal rare cuts. So I've been making decent gold off that. I haven't been doing it in volume and I only go through the ore my miners happen across while doing dailies. But given the sheer amount of nodes available you can gather 5 stacks without really trying. I keep in enchanting materials by DEing all the green drops my alts get.
How do i know what to cut the rares into?
And what did you mean by cut all the uncommons into good cuts? What's a good cut?
Just for giggles, 3 weeks ago i spent 2,000g on ore (at about 35g per stack). I turned that into 4,500g over the past 3 weeks with a lot of stuff still left over.

So yes it makes gold, but takes forever. I wouldn't bother doing this again.
Visit and look up your realm and go to the jewelcrafting page. It will show you what the current prices (within the last hour) are on various cuts of gems. You want to favor the cuts with boxes colored red or yellow, and stay far away from the ones in blue, which are selling for less than the uncut gem is (for those, sell the uncut gem). You have to check both the column for Rare and for Perfect, since they're equivalent in usage (a Perfect Uncommon has exactly the same stats as a Rare of the same type). If one is expensive and one is cheap, that means that there's a price correction coming and you should stay away. Optimally, you want one that's red boxes and high priced in both columns for Rare and Perfect. Those are the "good cuts." Which ones those are will vary from realm to realm and even from day to day. It's not like Cata where you just learned the red gem cuts and you were golden. Most of your "good cuts" will be of green, orange or purple gems, in all likelihood.

Another option that you can use in tandem with Undermine Journal is (yeah, looks like a typo but it's not wowauction, it's wowuction. I dunno why). They have a handy page of recommendations of what to craft in each profession, and how to price it, which looks at what ACTUALLY SELLS on your realm, unlike the Undermine Journal, which just lists current prices and not actual sales. The Undermine array of all the cuts is easy to take in at a glance, so it still has a lot of merit though it can be subject to manipulation or misleading if someone has placed a goofy high price on an unpopular gem but is the only one selling it. Use them both for excellent results. Wowuction will also suggest what jewelry you can craft that sells too.

Post only for 12 hours, due to the high turnover of auctions and the high deposit fees on gems. Almost all your sales will be in the first hour or two after you post, on most realms.

Leveling an enchanter is not cheap. The shuffle that was used in Cataclysm doesn't work nearly as well in Mists anyway so I remain unconvinced that it's worth doing any more. I'd wait till you get more of a handle on making money with JC before adding an enchanter to the mix. Leveling alts will get easier later in the expansion anyway (xp nerfs, etc.) so you might as well take advantage of that.
How do i know which gems to craft? I have competition who posts 2400 auctions a day and im only posting 100 or so. I want to make lots of gold but im only making like 300 a day. I looked at wowuction and followed that as well but some of the cuts i dont have.

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