[H] Rogues take zero skill

Rogues take zero skill of the Arthas server has reopened recuirtment. Our current progression is 6/6 N-Msv. 6/6 N-HoF. 4/4 N-ToEs. 3/12 ToT . Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We raid from 8pm server to 12am server time. We expect everyone applying to have flasks and food buffs on hand should we not be able to provide them that night. Attendence is required to be at least 90%. If you have prior engagements and are unable to make one or more of the days, or can only start late, you need not apply. Minimum I-level required is 480. The more experience you have the better.

We are in need of the following.

Guardian Druid
Blood DK

Disc/Holy Priest
Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk

To apply head to our website at roguecraft.com. For more information on us, or our expectations, please fell free to talk to me in game. Updating progress as we get further.
Still looking for some good people.
RIP World of Roguecraft never forget
Good luck...recruiting is tough around here.
Still need people. Really would love some tanks.
still looking.
Updated information on needs.
Full-time healer and tank slot have opened up. If you are a good raider (read: not a pussified %*%@!##!*-faced %*%@!##!*) that can follow directions, adjust to new strategies, and can take criticism when it comes your way, apply at www.roguecraft.com/forums.
is mute still dead from said 'boat-accident'?
We saw his ghost come back for a while when MoP hit, but then it vanished. BA DUM SHHHHH!
Holoo sucks at keeping his thread on the first page...

Current needs:
--TANK (non-pally, sry, we just don't like pallies). For the love of *insert your fav deity here* please make it so I don't have to tank any more...
--HEALER: Monk, Druid or Shaman
--Any exceptional DPS

Apply at www.roguecraft.com/forums.
URGENT NEED: RESTO SHAMAN OR MISTWEAVER MONK! (Have game time, or at least money to buy more... Really hard to progress without at least one of those...)
WTB shaman/druid/monk Healer and a non pally tank so we can raid.
Damnit.... To the top!

Still looking for a healer and tank!
It hard out here for a guild. But to the top it goes
Still need some good healers and a tank would be wonderful.
Need heals!
RIP World of Roguecraft never forget

Yeeeey I love to see the WOR part 2, I get killed with just 2 buttons. I'm the priest with Benediction and the Santa Claus gloves.

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