Frost/Blood DK + Hunter lf PVP / PVE Guild

Shattered Hand
LF zero drama, mature, casual, but active guild that (really) enjoys punting gnomes as well as RBGs, and some raiding (pref 10 man if it's a solid/second/alt group) that would have a need for two skilled / active players with 7 years wow exp in pvp and raiding who have real lives and a sense of humor.

May have other experienced players interested in joining if the need is there and the fit is good.

Contact here/in game/mail - have skype/vent etc. Thanks.

We could take you in for PvP, and would evaluate your gear and skill for our upcoming (still recruiting) group 2 10 man. Just whisper me in game whenever. Or anyone for invites.

Forum post to see what we're about!

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