Rbg Spell Restrictions

I dont know whos idea this was to be honest im not liking it. The Spell restrictions kill so many strategies used in Rbgs and heroism was great for teams every team had it why was it taken away? Dont try to say it was to make it fair to take hero away cause EVERY TEAM HAD it. Lay On hands I didnt rely on this spell to keep me up i can live without it but it was useful when it came to last seconds of a BG. I think the removal of such spells shouldnt of been done also with the amount of Damage people are still doing healing is probably not even needed it feels like in rbgs, Arenas, and or Battlegrounds
Army of dead isnt allowed, but stampede is? (general restrictions before rbg).
Most dont seem to make too much sense as it is.

Adding them to RBG's is just that little bit morebackwards then previous.

I can understand brez in arena wasnt allowed, and shouldnt be. But alot of the others just seem that little bit backwards, and now to put them as RBG limitations aswell just seems completely stupid.

Some of the AO CC is more beneficial then half of the disallowed abilities, and they can be cast by multiple people with minimal cooldowns.
I never once in my life heard someone complain about any spells being unsuited to RBGs. Trust blizzard to fix things that aren't broken, and ignore things that are falling apart.

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