(A) (10M) Maven-recruiting for WoW (updated)

Maven [mey-vuhn]: an expert or connoisseur.

Maven is a community of players who love online gaming, PvP in particular, regardless of game genre.

Our WoW chapter of Maven is currently seeking interested parties on Sargaras server alliance side who match our ethos. While we are not openly recruiting, we are welcoming applications and recruiting selectively.

Guild is family to us, and in terms of our members our focus is on quality not quantity. Players who are friendly, mature, have a working knowledge of their class(es), and desire to improve their gameplay and dialogue about game mechanics will fit in well here.

Game-Specific Goals
10 man raids 2 nights a week in a "casual hardcore" way. what we mean is, while we are only going to raid 2 nights a week, we intend to clear the current content in those 2 nights. On off nights, many of our members love to pvp and we play to do RBGs and arena matches.
We are currently finishing up heroics and just started running LFR together.

Guild Rules
We expect our members to behave maturely and honorably:

* Own your leveling and gear.
Asking for help is fine, but don't be noobishly annoying, and don't expect to be carried.
No cheating / exploiting.
If you're not sure whether something is OK, ask us. In general we'll err on the side of caution and being beyond reproach. We'd rather lose a match by playing legit than degrade ourselves and our friendlies by cheating.

* Don't be a jerk to people in-game, on the forums, or on social media.

* Be willing to receive and give constructive criticism for guild pre-mades.
We would like to see our guild and individual performance in PvP improve over time, so please understand that constructive criticism is a big part of how we operate. We try to avoid negative criticism as it is not helpful.

The guild hosts a Mumble server, and it is expected that all members have the program installed and utilize it whenever possible. Participation in any competitive or team-play activities have a co-requisite of your presence in Mumble.

Where to Sign Up
If you feel you're a fit for our group and have what it takes, please submit an application over on our site at http://mavenguild.enjin.com/recruitment

Still not sure if Maven is the right place for you? You can also check out our guild environment and what some of our members are up to over on our live streams.

current classes we are looking for though as said above, all exceptional apps will be taken seriously:
priest - any spec
balance druid
mage / lock
any tank

thank you for reading
Maybe it's just my browser, but the recruitment section on your website seems to be broken.

And, since no one in your guild seems to be heroically geared yet, it's tough to tell what's what.

Could you be a little more specific on your needs?
hi alice, thank you for the feedback. Ill talk to our GM about that issue with the website. yes we are still at the fresh lvl 90 scene atm. we are recruiting for beginning heroics / raiding scene. We are not end game yet. Alot of us returned to the game about a month ago so we are still getting our ducks in a row.

I updated the post with classes we could use atm. thank you again

need a couple more dps. full on heals atm
post updated
thread redone and classes updated.
good group of guys here. check them out!
started running LFR. looking for other 460 geared players to start raiding. still need a ranged dps! also could use a melee dps with tank off spec
post updated with needs. need 1 tank and maybe another dps and we are set

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