Mad guild is mad: die vitam aeternam

vitam aeternam is such a !@#$ guild. I won ashes of alar today and now they are all butthurt. WAAAH WHAAAAH mount dropped and I didn't win wahhhhhh. Are you people serious? Crying over pixels? Kicking me out of the guild for gloating? I'm sure anyone who won It would fly around on it. Not like I would ride my armored wyvern now that I won one of the best looking mounts in the game. In my old guild, we congratulated people who won rare mounts not get all butthurt. So sorry to the guy who rolled the same number as me.
Just think it of a "Recoloured" Dark Pheonix mount instead of the other way round and I assure you the clouds will disperse and sun-rays will shine on your face.
dam r u really skrillex????

didnt kno u played wow man :-)

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