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The deck of his ship groaned beneath Captain Gareth Southwind's feet as rain lashed against the timbers. It was a full-fledged gale, and the Captain wasn't happy about being caught in the middle of it. The ship nosed upward as it crashed into another wave, sending salt water rushing over the deck. A flash of lightning illuminated the ship for a brief moment, giving the captain a quick view of the steersman next to him. The captain patted the man on the shoulder, and yelled over the wind, “I'll send Gripper up to relieve you soon! Steady as she goes, I want to see that damned island when this clears!”

With that, he turned and hurried into his cabin and out of the blinding rain. He peeled off his soaked coat and, with a groan of relief, sank into an overstuffed chair. “I'm getting too old for this...” he muttered. In truth, Captain Southwind wasn't terribly old. He was nearing 40, but many would consider him to be a handsome man. His brown hair wasn't yet touched by gray, though there were several lines and wrinkles in his face that he wished would disappear. His clothing was fading finery: a silk shirt long stained a dull yellowish-brown, much worn leather pants, and calf-length black boots. At his waist he wore a pistol that was mostly for show, as his near-sightedness made him a poor shot. He was, however, skilled in the use of the rapier that he wore on his other hip.

“You? Never!” replied a playful female voice. It belonged to his first mate, one Setra Sweet. Her red hair flickered attractively in the lamplight as she studied a map tacked onto the wall. “Unless you mean getting too old for slaving? Because I think we've all had enough of that,” she continued, shifting her weight to accommodate the roll of the ship.

In his chair, the captain frowned. “It's not slaving, and I don't like it any more than you. It's more of a... transport contract. It's none of my concern what we are transporting...” he finished lamely.

Setra sighed and gave the captain an unconvinced glare. “At best it's kidnapping! It's one thing to sink an enemy ship, because they'd do the same to us if they could. It's one thing to steal cargo, we gotta make a living. They don't call us pirates for nothing. But this.... this is gonna catch up to us. And when it does-”

“Okay okay! I get it!” shouted the captain. “Fact is both Alliance and Horde ships are patrolling the seas more than ever now that that weird Pandaria continent was discovered! It's hard for a pirate to make an honest living... Er... you know what I mean. I had to do something to keep me, you, and the rest of the crew fed and paid! This guy offered me a sweet deal and I took it. Sure, I didn't know ALL the details at the time, but it's paid well so far. But I agree, I don't like it... I'll tell the contact we're out after this shipment.”

Setra relaxed visibly and smiled, tossing a long lock of hair over her shoulder. “You made the right decision, Captain. I'll be going now and make sure things are running smoothly below decks.”

Gareth smiled and made a beckoning gesture with one hand. “Why not stay and keep me company instead?”

Setra's own smile widened as she walked across the room and placed a hand on the door leading to the deck. “That didn't work the first time, what makes you think it'll work a hundred times later?” With that, she confidently stepped out into the night.

Gareth sighed as he watched her go. He didn't think his corny line would work, but he really needed something to distract himself from the fact that the holds below were crammed with chained captives - captives that he was transporting to what was most likely an untimely end on an uncharted island.

Okay! Welcome to No Escape!

The basic premise here is that you have been kidnapped by Captain Southwind's pirate gang, and you are being reluctantly transported to an uncharted island where scary things await! I'm not entirely certain who or what is waiting for you at the island, though I have a couple ideas floating in my head. I assure you I will have made a decision by the time you get there. If you have an questions or suggestions, please feel free to tell me. I'm a fairly relaxed thread master, so never feel reluctant to suggest anything.


At the start of the thread, your character is chained by the neck in the interior of the ship. You are wearing your normal gear, but your weapons have been taken from you. The pirates searched you thoroughly, and you have no hidden weapons. Hunters can have pets, your pet is also chained nearby. There is no hope of escaping the chains while you are in the ship. You are free to talk to one another and even to the pirates. No pirate will tell you where you are headed or why you were taken, however. Since most of you are probably adept fighters, you can say you were drugged, or surprised, or outnumbered, or whatever you wish.


No God-moding.
No trying to insert side stories or taking the thread in a direction I don't approve.
Non-playable races and classes are allowed at my discretion.
There is a post length minimum of six lines.
Have fun!


Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.):
Appearance (physical appearance and clothing):
Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about):
Short Bio:

That's about it! Feel free to sign up and please ask any questions you may have. I will sign up my own characters (the major players at least) when I have a few sign-ups.

Have fun!


Majustu - Majustu
Rakmisuul - Naerdiel Nightengale
Lia - Lia Sunblade
Lia - Teron 'Shifter' Blacksun
Delonn - Arelius Martemus
Istella - Freda Earlyfrost
Dirstis - Dristis Octavian
Valamunre - Annalin Pinlou
Xooloon - Xooloon
Einherrjar - Chan Sorsim
Einherrjar - Hailla O'Keere
Lillideth - Lillideth Blackwing
Morgannlefay - Haewen Vennas
Dristis - Adrian Octavian
Arrenn - John Landers
Bloodsfury - Sanuura Moonheart
Jeramayan - Drugh Bonecrusher
Sammuroth - Dalfein Scourgebane


Just curious, in case I get the time for another thread, where would our characters have been rounded up from? Kalimdor, EK, somewhere else? Just wondering because it would influence which toon I would sign up on.


Just curious, in case I get the time for another thread, where would our characters have been rounded up from? Kalimdor, EK, somewhere else? Just wondering because it would influence which toon I would sign up on.

Good question, I'm going to say any place with a port, excluding Orgrimmar as most of the crew are humans. The ship has many fake documents to masquerade as a legitimate cargo ship. So Stormwind, Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, Ratchet, that one place in the Wetlands... the Night Elf areas are kind of out of the way so we'll exclude those. Northrend and Pandaria are also out of the way so we'll exclude those, too.
Hmm... I have an overdue post in TP to write yet, and I probably won't even finish that before tonight. Maybe I'll get a sign-up in tomorrow; I've kind of narrowed it down to either my worgen rogue, dwarf hunter, or troll mage...

We'll see.
Hmm....I almost want to fling my little Priest at this, but she's hardly a fighter...would they take someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? 'Cause she is the sort that if she sees something remotely suspicious, she runs to the Guards...

I shall have my chars up sometime later. Also, Silvy, do you still play WoW? >_>
11/30/2012 11:49 PMPosted by Zpan
Hmm....I almost want to fling my little Priest at this, but she's hardly a fighter...would they take someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? 'Cause she is the sort that if she sees something remotely suspicious, she runs to the Guards...

That's fine. They take whoever they can snag, fighters or not.


I shall have my chars up sometime later. Also, Silvy, do you still play WoW? >_>

I do still play, but mostly I log in for a couple hours a few time a week for RBGs with my guild.
Name: Xoolloon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Alliance
Special Talents: N/A
Appearance: Xoolloon is of 5' 11" and of a heavier build. But he has one continuous scar that runs from his left collar bone to his right knee. He also has regular DK eyes. Missing a middle finger on his left hand. Jagged scar on his right palm.
Personality: Xoolloon is quiet, non talkative. He just sits and stares. Rarely talks. Just a killing machine. Obeys orders.
Class: Death Knight, Blood
Age: N/A

Backstory: Xoolloon was born into a poor family that were simple farmers. They were a peaceful family and only fought when when they absolutely needed to. They tried to instill this belief into their son but Xoolloon was rowdy, and tried to start fights all the time. Then at the age of 12 he got in a fight with a boy that was the age of 14, whose name was Hogarth. During this fight Xoolloon received his scar on his palm and it started a lifelong rivalry with Hogarth. They had many more fights through out their childhood.

Then at the age of 18 Xoolloon signed up in the Alliance military to help fight the Horde enemies. He was not the best warrior, nor was he the worst. He was just a simple footman who would charge in and do his job.

Then one day on an average attack Xoolloon had been fighting an Orc warrior when the Orc knocked loose his shield and left Xoolloon with only his sword to defend with. He was loosing ground fast and was being beat down and trying to parry. While trying to parry one of the slices his middle finger was cut off. Then in a rage at feeling extreme pain Xoolloon dropped his sword and tackled the Orc to the ground and beat it to a pulp, killing it he looked down and was shaken by what he had done, because he enjoyed it.

What Xoolloon had done had shaken him badly. He no longer was a boy wanting to defend, he was a boy that enjoyed killing. He didn't just enjoy it, he loved it. Every chance he had he would try to cause as much pain to his enemies as possible and the other soldiers looked at him in disgust. Like he was a monster.

After being in the military for about 5 years he was transferred to a regiment, in the Western Plaguelands, that contained his life long rival, Hogarth. Xoolloon would try to start as many duels with him as possible, but the commanding officer would stop the duel before it would even begin. Then on a night that Hogarth and Xoolloon were on a patrol together, it was a plan from the officer for them to get along better, Xoolloon challenged Hogarth to another duel. This time he accepted.

The duel did not last long, it was just a few exchanging blows and it ended with Hogarth breaking Xoolloon's parry and slicing him from his left collar bone to his right knee and he just left him there, to die.

Xoolloon was then found by a farmer, Timothy Rag, who was walking along in the field. He took Xoolloon back to his hut and nourished him back to health.

When Xoolloon had recovered he decided to not go back to the military. He stayed with the farmer to help him plant and grow his crops. Over the course of 2 years they developed a strong friend ship and did many activities together.

Then on one early spring morning Xoolloon woke up with a bad feeling. He walked outside to see Scourge approaching from the East. He woke up Tim and told him to run, that he would try to hold them off while he escaped. Xoolloon picked up a garden hoe as his weapon, and charged. He killed a plethora of the Scourge with just a simple hoe as his weapon, but eventually he was killed by the Scourge. Then he was rose as a Death Knight, to fight for the Lich King.
(This is Zpan btw XD)

Name: Majustu (everyone tends to call her Maj)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Affiliation: Alliance
Class: Holy Priest (in training)
Appearance: At 16 years old, she's small for a human, around 5 feet in height, with a somewhat pear-shaped build. Her hip length golden-blonde hair is often pulled back in a messy bun or braid; her face is somewhat rounded, with wide green eyes her sister calls 'dreamer eyes', a delicate nose and full lips while her skin is pale from her constant studying in the church. She generally is always spotted wearing her homemade Novice robes, which are quite plain and unadorned due to the fact she's still a student and has no rank in the Church.
Personality: She's pretty timid and quiet though if she sees something wrong, she acts on it - generally by going to get someone stronger then she is to fix it. Fully aware of her own limitations, she has very little self-confidence in herself. When push comes to shove though, she'll stand her ground to protect others with the little skill she possesses. Is terrified of Orcs and undead.
Special skills: Due to her small mana reserve, she is highly proficient in 'traditional' matters of tending to the wounded (stitches, ect)
Short Bio: A war orphan, she was found with her older sister Zpan in a remote area in the mountainous corner of Elwynn Forrest called Thunder Falls. With her sister only being a couple years older then herself, it was a daily struggle to survive and if it hadn't been for an old Priest who rescued them by taking them to the Stormwind Orphanage they would have died of malnutrition. Heavily sheltered by her sister, and later her friend Marguax, she was only able to accompany Zpan on two adventures in Westfall and the Redridge mountains before being sent back for more training in the Cathedral of Light after almost dying in the Redridge Mountains.
Name: Naerdiel Nightengale
Gender: Female
Race: Night elf
Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.):Cenarion Circle
Class: Druid(Restoration)
Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Wearing very little in the way of armor, she wears a bright green robe with the symbol of the Cenarion Circle on it. Her hair is braided in a long knot that goes to her waist. She stands at 7'4, with light pink skin. Her only weapon is a small dagger she keeps in holster on her lower arm.
Personality: Calm, friendly, very skittish around strangers. Willing to help anyone who needs it, she has a disdain for combat and attempts to talk it out or she flee's. If she has no way out she sifts to her cat form and fights tooth and nail and takes the first exit she see's. Feels if she ignores plea's for help she is no better then the people who attacked her.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): N/A

Short Bio: She does not remember her mother and father as she was abandoned at a young age, she soon traveled to Stormwind, where she was pushed aside and targeted by human thugs as a punching bag, sit shattered her will to fight after a particular bad beating. After she went to join the Alliance Army in marching on Northrend, . She was trained by a Cenarion druid by the name of Hatas Blackhoof, a Tauren who was skilled in the healing arts. Her training prospered. Forgetting to learn how to fight, she never realizes a hand against anyone alliance or horde. Her weakness laying in the fact she helps anyone who ask's for it be alliance or horde.

After the fall of the Lich king, which she was not present for as healing the men and women injured in the attack was more dire to her. She left Icecrown and went to live a calm life but it was shattered with the Cataclysm. She was called into duty again, this time she was sent to Booty bay as the Cataclysm had hit booty bay hard. Shortly after she was captured by the crew when she was asked to heal one of their wounded.

(((Sorry if sloppy >.< I know my grammar is crap. Honestly trying to get better at it sooooo ya

She is the way she is because of traumatic issue's in her life.))
My, my, my! It's Silvy!

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Name: Lia Sunblade

Gender: Female

Race: Sin'dorei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Neutral, Merc

Class: Beast Master Hunter

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing):

Lia stands at 6'8 with an athletic build and long black hair that reaches just past her waist. Her arm muscles are toned and defined from her constant training and fighting (not saying she looks macho muscle or anything...). Her skin would be tanned, and she would have two shimmering jade green eyes. Her facial features are youthful, as most women of her race, soft lips and long brows. She would also have no scars upon her body, the only one being one that goes across her left shoulder and down to the right side of her hip. Tattoo wise, she would have two around the side of her eyes that look like spread out raven feathers.

Despite apperances, she armor is another story. She wears a full Cryptstalker set which would be completely black. Spikes would poke out of the armor on her shoulders, her wrists (facing backwards so she can slam them into an enemy that would be behind her like a knife) and her fingers would be clawed. Her helm, when put on, would give the illusion that she had four red slits for eyes rather than her usual shimmering jade green ones. For weapons, she has a long katana like sword which is serrated on one side, made for slicing and stabbing easily...then tearing organs out when being pulled out. For ranged weapons, she carries a few; Two pistols, a long battle bow, and a rifle, each she made her self through engineering. ((Her armor might have been removed due to it is, she is wearing a thick leather tunic, sleeveless of course, and long brow pants.))

Personality: Lia is more or less a calm yet cold kind of Sin'dorei. While does have some sort of sense of humor and can show joy, it's rare that she ever does. She is usually kind, to friends or people she can trust, but to any person she is just meeting, or does not see eye to eye with, would be met with her cold attitude.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): She is an engineer, being able to create devices from metals and other such materials, and is a good fighter. Being a beast master, she knows a lot about certain beasts and animals. In fact, she is probably more in touch with nature than most of her Blood elven race. However...this was intentional, she broke off with a lot of her race just so she can gain one certain kind of beast; Spirit beasts. She trained for YEARS, and she managed to gain one of each kind, which rest and sleep in a special scroll she uses to call them if needed. ((Currently, they are all in the scroll))

Shikaro, a Spirit Tiger
Shimari, another Spirit tiger (only purple, Shik is blue)
Starstrike, Spirit leopard
Hazewing, Spirit Owl
Rampart, Spirit bear
Slick, Spirit Wolf
Thunder, Spirit Worg
Snapclaw, Spirit Crab (Yes...she even got the spirit crab)

Short Bio:
For many years of her life, she was a Farstrider, serving and following their orders to the letter. She was no dog, she was pretty good at what she did, making her way up the ranks a few, but not reaching anything noticeable, just a high enough rank to have her own small squad. However, this squad she had became her closest friends, and she cherished each one of them....only they were lost two years later to an ambush in Ashenvale. Grief stricken, she left the Farstriders, staying at he home for a year while she mourned their deaths. It was then she decided to do what most of her race would find difficult to do: Tame Spirit Beasts.

Not really a nature attuned race, she had to break off with a lot of what she knew of her race, which took her from Ashenvale, to the harsh environments of Northrend when the expeditions to the frozen north were announced. It was there she tamed the first of her beasts, the first one being the most difficult (Shimari) seeing as it was her first time doing it...but it slowly got easier. They were wise and knowledgeable, not any other beast she had been a companion with. With her bond to them, they became her eyes and ears, as she became their's

((1 Sign Up outta 2))
Name: Teron 'Shifter' Blacksun

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Neutral, Merc

Class: Rogue Assassin

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing):
Teron, otherwise known as 'Shifter', stands at 7' with an athletic build and black hair which is usually tied up in a smaller version of a fox tail. With defined muscles and tanned skin, he's built for speed and agility, to stalk his enemies quietly, and then strike. He has a handsome face and clean shaved, with a scar that runs from his hair line on his fore-head, over his nose, and down to his chin. Like Lia, he has raven feather tattoos around both eyes.

When wearing armor, his set is mostly brown in color. He wears no shoulder pads, chest piece and leggings made of brown padded leather to give him some extra protection. Boots hug tightly against his skin surrounded by three straps each to quiet his foot steps as he stalks his enemy. Two leather straps would cross over his chest, obviously where his weapons would be sheathed. One strap would have four knifes, the other five vials, on his chest piece there would have been hidden pockets where he would stash two more knifes....but they were removed while the thugs searched him. There would also be a brown leather hood which would be attached to his chest piece to throw over his head, a metal mask would surround his neck and be able to be pulled up if need be.

The only bulky parts of his armor would be his hands/arms. Thick leather gloves which would conceal hidden blades he designed himself, made for quick and quiet kills. Over each arm, there would be a layer of metal which is strapped to his arm. These run from the top of his shoulders and down to his finger tips which would be crafted to make claws. It would be designed to look like large dragon scales, layered, all the way up. Weapon wise, he has a Katana like Lia's and a quick load cross bow, which would have been scaled so that it wouldn't be a pain to run with strapped to his back. His gloves would have been removed, seeing as just taking out the hidden blades would be to much of a pain to remove by itself.

Personality: Unlike his friend, Teron is the more...sly type. He has a pretty wicked sense of humor and sometimes likes to get a reaction from people from teasing them, whether it be in a friendly manner or a insulting one. When he is not teasing people, he is usually calm and cool, not exactly hard to anger....mostly because he likes to make others angry for enjoyment.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): Teron is and Assassin, and an engineer like Lia. He's also a pretty good skinner and leather worker, which is why he was able to hide his hidden blade so well in his gloves.

Short Bio:

Not a lot is known about Teron. For the first few years of his life as a boy, he liked to make pranks on other people. This went from the usual stink bomb to the more adventurous Bucket-Of-Mud-On-Door. He got in trouble for it a lot, but wasn't punished because he ran away pretty fast. When he was older and became more mature, he joined up with the Farstriders, where he met Lia and worked together with her for the majority of the time they did, along with their other companions.

When they were ambushed, Lia thought Teron had died, when in truth he managed to slip away, only heavily injured. He stayed low, joining up with a group of Assassins and doing jobs for them, getting some extra experience on the field, but his mind would always go back to that day he lost his friends, and broke the heart of another who thought him a dead man. The two rejoiced by chance, a day he hopped didn't come so soon as they met in a market place. Lia dragged him aside, slapped him, scowled at him furiously, then hugged him. The two haven't separated since and now both work as Mercenaries.

((Aaaaallll done!))
My, my, my! It's Silvy!

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Also, Silvy (And Val now). Do you guys have battle tags? :o If you do I can give you mine.
Name: Arelius Martemus
Gender: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Affiliation: None
Class: Mage (fire)
Age: 24

Appearance: Arelius's fiery blonde hair matches his yellow eyes. The mage wears a fiery red robe, similiar to the color of fire. On his right breast of his robe, there is a symbol emblazoned of a pheonix, representing his families symbol. He wields only a small dagger on his left waist as magic is his main form of defense. The air around Arelius constantly radiates warmth, as if a fire was burning inside him. (think molten armor)

Personality: While loyal and kind to his friends and family, he has a hothead and tends to get himself in trouble.

Special skills: Fire magic is his specialty, reflecting his temperment.

Short Bio: Arelius's father was an extremely adept fire mage that served for the Dalaran mages. There in Dalaran, he met his wife and they gave birth to a boy. As the boy grew older, Arelius's father taught him the ways of the Dalaran magi. Though he was taught all the schools of magic, Arelius showed promise in fire magery. From there, Arelius honed his skills, ascending through the ranks of the Dalaran magi; however, when the day came that he was supposed to take his fathers place amoung the Dalaran mages, the elders told him he must control his rage before it overcame him and that he would not be given the honor. Furious, arelius stormed out. Feeling his pain, the next day his father pulled his son aside, telling him that he had taught Arelius all he knew. Being sheltered all his life, Arelius's father told him that it was time for Arelius to experience the outside world and make his own way. His father had scheduled him a ride to take him to the new continent that appeared from the mists to help guard a convoy. The excursion would be a long journey. But perhaps, after the journey, the elders might see him differently. Excited, Arelius jumped at the oppurtunity, telling his father he would not be disappointed. And so Arelius embarked

(New character)

edit: made him a blood elf!!!
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Consider this a reserve! I shall post after this football game. School's going to the HS Super Bowl! :D
Reserved. Deciding on whether I can use one of my previous characters of if I should make a new character.
Nice amount of interest in this so far. :3

I just got back from work and now it's nap time for Silvy. I'll review the sign-ups when I wake up. ^_^

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