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Okay, I'm cheating and just using a signup from another thread, slightly tweaked. xD

Name: Freda Earlyfrost
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Alliance
Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Class: Hunter

Appearance: Freda is short and stout as with most dwarves, but a bit more wiry than usual. She has a pale complexion and bright blue eyes peeking out from under her bushy dark brows. Her long black hair, living up to her family name, is already streaked with silver around her temples, in spite of the fact she is barely middle-aged by dwarven standards. It is usually pulled out of her face in a complex, waist-length braid. So many ornate loops, delicately wrought from silver, iron, or gold, line the edges of her ears that in places it is difficult to make out the skin underneath. A small pipe carved from stone is a permanent fixture at the corner of her mouth.

She wears ornately tooled leather armor that is reinforced with chain mail and a heavy hide cloak with black bear fur trimming the hood. Either slung across her back or in her hands is always one of her two meticulously cared for rifles. Freda doesn’t carry any sort of melee weapons but keeps a sawed-off shotgun in a holster strapped to her hip for when opponents are too close to make her beloved rifles practical. A large brindle mastiff, whom she simply calls Dog, accompanies her.

Personality: While some might accuse Freda of being bitter or pessimistic, she prefers to think of herself as a realist. She calls everything as she sees it without going to the trouble of sugar-coating things, and usually adds a healthy dose of sarcasm for good measure. She is sharp-tongued and has a wit as quick as her temper. If you can endure her cynical tenancies, she is amiable enough when interacting with people in most everyday situations, but when it’s something important that’s on the line she won’t trust anybody near as far as she could throw them unless they have already proven themselves trustworthy; not an easy task with this dwarf. If you manage that you couldn’t ask for a stouter ally to have your back.

Special Skills: Nothing particularly "special" but she has keen eyesight, steady hands, and a cool head in sticky situations; which make her a skilled marksman.

History: Freda married young, to her childhood sweetheart. They lived where they had grown up together, in Kharanos, and were content to spend their lives mining the surrounding mountains for precious metals and gemstones and fashioning them into jewelry and other pretty baubles. Eventually though, her husband took an interest in the quickly growing field of archeology. He joined the Explorers League and over time the digs took him farther and farther away from home. He eventually traveled south into the area known as the Burning Steppes.

Not long after he arrived at his dig site, Freda stopped receiving letters from him completely. A year passed, and then two rolled by with no answer to her frequent letters. At first she was angry but it was quickly replaced by concern and, eventually, despair; her family tried to convince her that he was dead. Unwilling to give up on him, she sold their house, shop, and most of her other possessions and set off to find him.

Having lived safely in the mountains her entire life, Freda started her journey with only the most basic combat skills. Still, she marched south facing hardships and setbacks. She learned to shoot and fend for herself in the mountains, having to fight off wildlife, Dark Irons, and even the shattered remains of the Old Horde who haunted the mountains since after the last war. Finally she reached the dig site in the Steppes, the last known place he had been, and found that her worst fears were confirmed. He had perished.

Before Freda even had the chance to begin to mourn his passing, she discovered from the other explorers that his death was only recent, less than a month before she arrived. Her sadness evaporated in an instant and was replaced by rage. He had abandoned her! Left her for years without so much as a word. Furious and heartbroken, she refused to return home, unable to face her family with the truth. Instead, she renounced him and everything about him, even returning to her maiden name, and set out to make a new life.

Now, she plies the skills she learned while on that first journey; working as a guard, scout, hired gun, or whatever job takes her fancy. The farther away from home and its painful reminders, the better.
Name: Dristis Octavian

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Ebon Blade

Class: Death Knight

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Just under six feet tall, he has a he has a slender but cut muscular body. He has short cut black hair and some light facial stubble. A large thick scar goes across his throat, and another down his right eye to his cheek. He has two of each rune branded onto each forearm, glowing in their respective colors. Armor is that in picture. Weapons are a two handed sword, runes etched in and constantly crackling with runic energy. Two short Gladii and a revolver.

Personality: Tries to remain stoic and emotionless, only ever really shows emotion with those he cares about (Pretty much just his brother) he can sometimes have a light sense of humor, but he is usually always business. He's cold and calculated, always thinking ahead on how to best execute his task at hand.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): A master at frost combat, it's his most lethal attribute. He's still quite skilled in Unholy and blood base powers, but he always goes to Frost first. A engineer and a jewelcrafter as well, he enjoys to make his own ammunition and enhance his weapons or gear.

Short Bio: Growing up in Elwynn with his brother, Adrian, they had a normal childhood. He followed his father's path to Paladinhood and was looking to join the Silver Hand. He was in Lordaeron during the first Scourge epidemic. losing his life there, he also gained undeath. Brought back as a Death Knight, he led elements of scourge forces through Lordaeron before moving to Northrend with his legions after the first defeat of Naxxramas. He remained in the Scourge, biding their time until they returned in force, he was attached to Archerus and sent to New Avalon in the Plaguelands. After the countless killings of Scarlet personnel and the time for the Battle of Light's Hope came, Dristis followed Darion Mograine and Tirion in the creation of the Ebon Blade, at the rank of Captain.

If anything needs a changin' I can oblige.
Name: Annalin Pinlou
Gender: Female
Race: Forsaken
Affiliation: Horde
Class: Rogue

Appearance: The once black haired, tan beauty, lively and persuasive, is now as pale as the moon or the white linen's on ones bed. Her short hair, still dark, falls limp, the volume in it no more. Annalin's former blue eyes were replaced with the eerie golden glow all Forsaken hold. Her body seems to be intact and falling apart slowly, though through each cheek, there's a gaping hole. You could see what she has left of her tongue and muscles if one were to peek inside. Her right hand, falling off a numerous amount of times, has been officially replaced by a mechanical hand constructed by herself. There's nothing special to it; no extending fingers, no secret compartments. Just something to hold her daggers with.

Her armor is nothing extensive. Simply all black leather with a dark purple hue. The soles of her boots are quiet, allowing her to tiptoe and sneak around without the slightest sound. Her pants do have a silver stitch in the thigh, a wolf biting her there previously. Annalin's head is usually covered with a black hood, pulling down the matching black mask when needed. The only piece of armor that doesn't match is the glove she tries to squeeze onto her mechanical hand. Every now and then one will see Annalin trying to place on the tailored, grey glove, though she tends to fail and stuffs it back into her bag.

Personality: Annalin is quick to anger, her patience low and the hum of voices annoying to her. She can keep a steady conversation, but one has to use the correct tone with her or else she'll act as if you're some bug she wants to squash. When it comes to battle, Annalin is surprisingly helpful, letting her inner anger out when she can. Plus she figures an alive being can benefit her more than a dead one.

Special Skills: An excellent engineer, though she really only uses it to pass the time or to calm her down from her anger.

Short Bio: "Annalin Pinlou: At only the age of 27, she was a loving wife, daughter, and cousin. She would have been a loving mother too."

Annalin would spit on her gravestone, if she could ever find it. A loving wife she once was, forced into a marriage she never wanted to be in. A pushover of a daughter, craving to be viewed as an angel to her parents. A conniving cousin she really was, only trying to benefit herself in the end. If her life wasn't cut short, along with her pregnancy, becoming a mother definitely wasn't her choice.

Death to Annalin seemed like an inviting, warm, fire when it had come knocking on her door. Only later did she find out it was a cold embrace, like needles pricking her skin. Her life was simple, and taken away from in a matter of minutes. A shot through her cheeks, and a second shot to her chest, all by a drunken man trying to collect money from her husband. Damn his gambling ways.

Annalin has no recollection of how her body was found, or robbed, or where it was located. She had awoken in Death Knell, only to kindly accept what had happened to her.

Looks like Arelius and Annalin are gonna be crossing each other with 2 hotheads in the picture.
*Strokes chin* Who to pick... Who to pick...
I have a question, if there is no escape, then what is the point of being chained up and simply talking to each other? The pirates evidently have ways to keep magic casters from doing things, like maybe a magic nullifying object or whatever. I am guessing here. So you have no weapons, no magic and no way out of the ship, are we simply biding our time until we get sold to a master who will use us or whatever?

Not trying to be critical, just trying to understand our point of view and what we "can" do.
I'm assuming that the RP just opens on the ship and our characters will eventually be loosed on the island for whatever nefarious purpose the buyer has for them.
So is this by chance going to be a hunt of some kind? Like setting us loose on the island to fend for ourselves and hunting us down one by one? It could be interesting in a Civilization type way...we could form Alliances, team together and maybe faction separate mini war between groups? Just brainstorming here.

Eventually we would have to team up against a big baddie? I have no idea what you are planning Silvestris, but I am just tossing speculations out.
Okay, now that I am awake and no longer a zombie, I can get to this!

I'll start with the easy stuff.

@Majustu - Accepted, I like your little priest. But she's gonna have a rough time with what I've got planned for everyone. :0

@Delonn - Arelius is accepted. For some reason my brain keeps making me imagine him as a blood elf, though. XD

@Istella - Accepted, love the character. Her pipe can stay on her, tucked in her clothes somewhere.

@Dristis - Accepted. Dristis may be of special interest to the owners of the island. :0

@Val - Accepted, glad to have you on board.

@Lia - Both are accepted, though I'm going to have to ask that you limit Lia to calling only one beast at a time. I can't have a zoo of spirit beasts running around on my island. :0

@Rakmisuul - I need a bit more information on your character before I can accept her. You say she is a battlefield healer, and a night elf. But you also say she can't fight and cowers and runs from danger. These things contradict each other badly. A battlefield healer has to have balls of steel to run into the thick of things and rescue injured warriors, and they are high priority kill tragets. Plus night elf women are... bad@ss. In their society, they are the hunters, breadwinners, warriors, etc. I need a better explanation as to why she is like she is, please. :)

@Xooloon - I don't mean this is a mean way at all, but are you a new RPer? Your sign-up has a few glaring things which are typically newbie mistakes. I'm going to give you a bit of criticism that I hope will help you out.

12/01/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Xoolloon
Affiliation: Alliance, but will work peacefully with anyone.

The Horde an Alliance are at war. You can't really claim to be affiliated with the Alliance but cheerfully work with an orc. You can be neutral, or claim only affiliation with Ebon Hold. Those would make a bit more sense. Also, Death Knights are really a peaceful people.

12/01/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Xoolloon
But before he was able to beat Hogarth he was drafted by Varian Wrynn himself to go serve in the cold reaches of Northrend.

12/01/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Xoolloon
he Lich King heard of the one man army and took an interest in him. The Lich King himself came upon Xoolloon and asked one simple question. "Do you enjoy causing pain?" To which Xoolloon just nodded his head. Then without warning the Lich King struck Xoolloon down so he could be raised as a powerful Death Knight.

Affiliating your character DIRECTLY to a major lore character is generally not accepted, both in WoW and in most other RP settings. You can answer Varian Wrynn's SUMMONS to fight, but he won't take the time to ask people in person, unless that person is also a powerful lore figure. I know in game our characters often talk directly to Varian Wrynn and Garrosh and others, but in an RP setting we don't claim that.

The same goes for Arthas killing and raising your character personally. Your character was mass raised by Arthas's minions to be cannon fodder at Light's Hope. Arthas doesn't know your character or give a rat's patootie about him.

12/01/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Xoolloon
Personality: Xoolloon is quiet, non talkative, war hardened veteran of the Third War. He just sits and stares. Rarely talks, if he does it is usually advice.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a quiet Death Knight. But I read this last night and I know you changed it a bit, for the better actually. I just want to make sure you have a grasp of what a Death Knight really is. They are emotionless killing machines, for the most part. They must kill or they are physically pained. They mostly hate themselves, and have little care for what their life was before death. They aren't jolly, they don't crack jokes, they don't go around offering everyone sage advice.

All in all, I feel your character is best suited to be a warrior. He can still have betrayed his friend on the battlefield, of course. You don't HAVE to change him to a warrior just because I say, that's just my advice. But I will need to to change what I pointed out. And a bit of research into Death Knight lore would probably help you out. :)
So is this by chance going to be a hunt of some kind? Like setting us loose on the island to fend for ourselves and hunting us down one by one? It could be interesting in a Civilization type way...we could form Alliances, team together and maybe faction separate mini war between groups? Just brainstorming here.

Eventually we would have to team up against a big baddie? I have no idea what you are planning Silvestris, but I am just tossing speculations out.

Istella is correct, and we will only be spending a small amount of time on the ship. When we get to the island, I'm not 100% certain what is going to happen. I have a general idea, but I'm still sandpapering the edges. It will not be a civilization RP. There will be action and there will be fighting. There will be a big baddie, but they may not come in till later.

There may be allies to be found, or maybe not. I am pretty bad about making crap up as I go, but a lot of times (for me) that works out for the better in the long run.

I can tell you that your final goal is going to be to escape the island, but you won't find that to be easy. :3

EDIT: I say it won't be a civilization thread, but if we get enough people, there is no reason people couldn't form alliances and indulge in grudges, like you say. I'm a very laid-back TM and I like for people to RP how they want (though in the end people will probably need to put aside at least SOME of your differences if you hope to have enough man-power to escape).

If someone wants their character to try and create an Alliance with certain people and exclude others, as long as the other people are fine with it so am I. I also don't run my threads at a breakneck pace. There will be downtime where people can simply talk and form those Alliances if they choose.
12/01/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Silvestris
Dristis may be of special interest to the owners of the island. :0

Not quite sure how I feel about this..
12/01/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Dristis
Dristis may be of special interest to the owners of the island. :0

Not quite sure how I feel about this..

Dristis (the character) shouldn't feel good about it. XD

Actually, this is a good time to warn everyone about one small thing. As TM, especially since I've technically taken all your characters captive, I plan on take certain liberties without asking permission. I'm not going to do anything terrible, but when they get to their destination there may be pain in store, there will definitely be unpleasantness and discomfort.

If you have a problem with this scenario please tell me:

"So-and-so aimed a cruel blow across the back of <insert your character's name here> with his thin staff. He smiled grimly as the blow landed solidly."

As I said, I would never do anything life-changing to a character without permission, but I find it tedious if I have to ask permission for every little thing in the OOC and wait for a response before I can complete an IC post.
@Delonn - Arelius is accepted. For some reason my brain keeps making me imagine him as a blood elf, though. XD

I don't know if we're thinking the same thing, but I think we might be.

And awesome, can't wait for this to start up!
Silvy... Idk who to sign up as D=
Fixed haha hope its okay :D

I may have to send one of my Cabal characters in. (Of course, all of my characters are part of the Cabal in some capacity, but still...)

So which would be a better one for your purposes:

A Servant, a Blood Crow, or a Shadow Corps?
12/01/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Rakmisuul
Fixed haha hope its okay :D

It's definitely better. I have one more question, and I'm not trying to nitpick but you said you were trying to get better so I'm trying to help out a bit.

You said she had traumatic experiences, one of which being severely beaten by a group of people. That's fine, but why does that make her want to help everyone she sees, even humans and orcs? Orcs are literally burning her homeland into nothing and if I was new to a place and its citizens beat me up, I wouldn't be likely to trust or help them.

The Cenarion Circle is a neutral faction, but it is mostly made up of Night Elves and Tauren. Even among themselves, there are faction tensions (I think this was shown in the book The Shattering, can't quite remember). Just because she is a member of the Cenarion Circle, that doesn't mean she has to help and trust every race out there.

EDIT: Your character is good and has potential, but I'm trying to help finesse her a bit and make her a bit more believable. :)

And Bloods, I don't know what you should sign up, the good thing about this RP is that almost any character can join because almost anyone can be ambushed by a bunch of low-life pirates. Sorry I'm no help.

Ein, I did a wowpedia search for Cabal and it came up with the people that are found in the Shadow Labs, is that right? And I'm not sure what a Blood Crow is... ^_^;
Ein, I did a wowpedia search for Cabal and it came up with the people that are found in the Shadow Labs, is that right? And I'm not sure what a Blood Crow is... ^_^;

The Cabal is a little faction that I cooked up for Ashok's (sadly) now-defunct Soldiers Live and Wonder Why thread. (Could have sworn you were a part of that). Basically, it's a "morally grey", very secretive all-races faction dedicated to some extremely convoluted goals: by now, all of my characters work for it in some capacity.

The Servants are the magic-using branch of the Cabal, and they have glowing red, geometric lines branching across their bodies. They tend to shave their heads and wear full-body black cloaks: they can also sense magic being used.

Blood Crows are a mercenary group that present a more public face for the Cabal. They really don't care who they fight for as long as they're paid, and the Cabal tends to use them for the less delicate missions.

The Shadow Corps is the veteran elite of the Cabal: there are only about 300 at any given time, and they're used for the most high-risk and high-reward missions. They're recognizable by the Destroyer's battlegear that they wear (Think warrior tier 5) and the rather bulky rifles they carry.
Ah ok, things are making more sense, Ein. No I wasn't part of that RP, but as long as you can give me a comparable class so I know what your character is capable of doing (like are the servants more like mages or warlocks or what?) and you don't call an army of Cabal buddies to my island (I know you wouldn't but I gotta state it) I have no problem with that.
Fixed it and placed in personality section.

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