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12/01/2012 07:42 PMPosted by Silvestris
Ah ok, things are making more sense, Ein. No I wasn't part of that RP, but as long as you can give me a comparable class so I know what your character is capable of doing (like are the servants more like mages or warlocks or what?) and you don't call an army of Cabal buddies to my island (I know you wouldn't but I gotta state it) I have no problem with that.

The Servants are composed of members of nearly every magic-using class that exist: some are former shamans, some were warlocks, there are mages, etc. That way, the Servants can have nearly any mix of casters they may need. Should this particular Cabal member be a Servant, he'll be one of the more standard mages.

And nope, no army. Just hoping for your input: which of the three do you think would be the most interesting for the RP?
I would say that, for balance reasons, a Servant would be best, Ein. But that's only my opinion and you should sign up what you want.

@Rakmisuul - Accepted. That is a character I can work with and I thank you for listening and adding more detail. :3
If you have a problem with this scenario please tell me:

"So-and-so aimed a cruel blow across the back of <insert your character's name here> with his thin staff. He smiled grimly as the blow landed solidly."

As I said, I would never do anything life-changing to a character without permission, but I find it tedious if I have to ask permission for every little thing in the OOC and wait for a response before I can complete an IC post.

So long as there's no broken bones, sexual assault, or loss of limbs its fine with me. Then again I doubt Maj'd be much trouble for anyone - she still has the buried memories/instinct from before being rescued by the old Priest to be as quiet and be as small as possible in bad situation like being captured....
12/01/2012 08:01 PMPosted by Majustu
So long as there's no broken bones, sexual assault, or loss of limbs its fine with me.

I wouldn't impose any of that on a character without permission. I'm talking cuts, bruises, abrasions, and the like. ^_^
LOL with how much a klutz Maj is, that's normal any day of the week! XD
Since I couldn't decide which one I liked more, here's both of them.

Name: Chan Sorsim

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Cabal, Servants of the Beast

Class: Mage

Appearance: Sorsim appears to be in his mid-twenties, and has very pale skin with the typical glowing red lines branching out at right and 45-degree angles across his body. His eyes have the same eerie red tinge and pattern to them, albeit without the low-level glow. He stands a little over six feet in height, has shaved his head bald, and has very strong features on his face: the human isn't handsome, exactly, but he is certainly not bad-looking. He wears a full-body black robe with the cowl drawn over his face under most circumstances.

Personality: Chan Sorsim tends to be very serious and intense. He has dedicated his life to the Cabal's purpose, and does his best to not let anything distract him. Despite all his best efforts, however, he and Lieutenant O'Keere have a sometimes-awkward, longrunning, and quite mutual flirtation going on.

Special skills: Sorsim has most standard mage abilities, as well as two others granted by the magic augmentation process: he has access to the same crimson lighting that all fellow Servants have, and he is capable of sensing magic in much the same manner that a shark can smell blood in the water. He'll occasionally use a pair of daggers if combat gets too close for comfort, but he prefers to use his magic.

Short Bio: Sorsim was born under a completely different name: the son of a Westfall farmer, he was sent to Stormwind to study magic shortly before his tenth birthday. A couple of years later a Cabal recruiter approached him and offered a job in which his talents could be fully exercised and Sorsim could be given the leeway to pursue his own projects. The young mage agreed, sent home enough money for his father to comfortably retire, and never once looked back. The ambitious and talented Sorsim rapidly rose through the ranks of the Servants. He was often paired with a certain attractive young officer of the Blood Crows in the course of his missions, and the two quickly struck up a very good working relationship.

Shortly after starting their latest mission, the pair found themselves at a rather seedy establishment, and the rest is all rather fuzzy to them.
Name: Lieutenant Hailla O'Keere

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Cabal, Blood Crows

Class: Warrior

Appearance: O'Keere hovers at right around 5'9, but she can usually add another inch or so when she wears her boots. She usually has her shoulder-length brown hair –the longest she can wear it under regulations– tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes are a pale blue-green color, and her fine-boned features, while not quite beautiful, are certainly very pretty by any measure. Hailla looks to be in her early twenties and has a very trim, athletic figure.

When not in combat, Hailla will wear the standard Blood Crow outfit, a light grey full-sleeve shirt, forest-green pants, and brown boots. When she has time to prepare for combat, the Lieutenant will put on an enameled green breastplate with a dark crimson stylized crow in the center and similarly colored shoulderpads, a dark green helmet with a dull red visor, upper-and-lower arm/elbow pads, upper-and-lower leg/knee pads, and plate boots.

Hailla uses the standard short sword and kite shield in close combat, but her pride and joy is the sniper rifle that she had custom-built in Theta Base at great personal expense. The weapon is nearly five feet long and has an equally powerful scope. The massive weapon fires bullets with the diameter of two of her fingers put together, and the same workshop that built her rifle also provided a variety of ammunition.

Personality: O'Keere has a cheerful personality and, though she'll never admit it to anyone, she's developed something of a crush on Chan Sorsim during the course of their work together. She tends not to let anything get her down for long, and has a very positive view on the world.

Special skills: She's a hell of a shot, a decent close-quarters fighter, and pretty good at tactics.

Short Bio: Lieutenant O'Keere is the fourth of eight children of a Stormwind dock worker. Without much of a prospect for an inheritance or meaningful apprenticeship, she enlisted with a particular mercenary outfit called the Blood Crows on her fifteenth birthday. Hailla demonstrated an aptitude for military life that got her promoted multiple times in very rapid succession. On one operation two and a half years after signing up, her platoon was cut off by a Seventh Legion advance and stranded deep behind Alliance lines without any form of support: to make matters worse, the lieutenant commanding her platoon had been killed in the course of the fighting. Hailla, the platoon sergeant, somehow managed to get out from behind enemy lines with over half her platoon intact in spite of repeated Alliance attacks supported by artillery, inflict heavy casualties on the enemy, and complete enough of the terms of the contract that the Blood Crows did not have to default.

Her superiors sent her to Beta Base for her reassignment to the special-ops branch of the Blood Crows. Her first mission involved rescuing a crew that had been taken hostage by a group of pirates: this also happened to be the first time she was paired with Chan Sorsim. The rest, as they say, is history.
Pirates? Did you say PIRATES?!! I adore a swashbuckling adventure!

Name: Lillideth Blackwing

Gender: Female

Race: Sindorei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Horde, though she is not afraid to make anyone an friend)

Class: Warlock (demonology)

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Slender but curvy, reddish brown hair falling to just below her shoulders, creamy skin with a small mole on her left cheek. Ruby lips, fel green eyes that sometimes show a spot of red. Long elegant fingers tipped with crimson nails.

Her robes are usually deep red or black trimmed in red. She carries a staff that appears to be the skull of some odd creature, the eyes glow red and seem to follow a person who stares at it. A grimmoire hangs by a golden chain from her belt. It almost oozes fel energy. No one can touch it except another warlock who would know to take proper precautions. She also carries a twisted glowing dagger that would be used for torturing or branding. But her greatest weapon is her magic, and her ability to command demons.

Personality: She is cordial and outgoing, often using her charm to throw people off. Her inner demon is totally under her control, and only comes out if she wills it. She has no qualms in shedding blood or causing pain to those she deems enemies. She can be crafty and witty, or dangerously berzerk. Those who cross her will regret it deeply. Her greatest goal in life is gathering knowledge as she believes knowledge is power.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): She is a skilled alchemist and herbalist, she knows almost every plant in existence on Azeroth. She knows what plants are good for eating and which are deadly poison. Not afraid to put either to good use.

Short Bio: Lilli was born during the beginning days of the Elven settlement of Quel'Danas. Though she was mostly a spoiled nobles daughter who got whatever she wished by either manipulating her parents or downright blackmailing her siblings and peers. She earned a reputation of being a witch and soon decided to make the most of that by becoming a warlock. She learned to call demons and keep them under her thumb, her quest for knowledge had her in Dalaran at a young age, where she learned diplomacy and getting things with being charming rather than overbearing.

((more if requested, wanted to keep it short))
@ Silvestris, well I can absolutely change him then. I actually like it better. I decided to make him up on the spot, haven't decided whether I want to kill him off yet or not, I kinda like what I came up with.
Ein and Lili, both accepted.

Sign-ups are still open, but with or without more sign-ups I'll have the IC up tomorrow.

EDIT: Delonn, change him only if you want to. I just kept imagining him as a blood elf, I think it was the name. XD
I think it's time I actually signed up. I'm creating a new character, let's hope it doesn't stink.

Name: Haewen Vennas

Gender: Female

Race: Gilnean Worgen

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Cenarion Circle

Class: Druid

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): In her worgen form, she has grayish black fur, glowing eyes, and black hair around her head like a mane. In her human form she stands at 5'1" and has dark green eyes and long dark brown hair, sometimes kept in a messy braid.

Personality: Haewen is something of a searcher. She looks for solutions, for clues, for new oppertunities, pretty much anything. Haewen has an eye for detail and is very intelligent. She has some insight, and thinks through a problem before jumping in. Sometimes she can get too centered on the deatails and forget to look at the whole picture. Though she is of the Cenarion Circle an is neutral, undead make her feel uncomfortable, because of both their unnatural-ness and what they did to the Gilneans.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): none that I can think of

Short Bio: Haewen was always intrigued by the whispers about the harvest witches in her small Gilnean village. When she became older, she began learning under one, and found she was good after some practice. She went unbitten for quite a while after the worgen started showing up. But one day, Haewen was helping a neighbor when one attacked her. It was too fast for Haewen to defeat quickly enough, and it bit her. Later that day, Haewen learned the full effects of the bite and became a worgen. With the help of the night elves, Haewen was able to retain her mind and switch between forms. She went with the other Gilnean citizens when they fled on Night Elven ships. In Darnassus, she was curious about the Kaldorei druids and began learning from them, eventually becoming a member of the Cenarion Circle. She lives in Darnassus now, though she often visits Stormwind to visit remaining friends and members of her family. It was during one of these visits where Haewen was caught off guard, outnumbered, and taken by pirates.
Ah shigs. I'll throw Adrian in to the mix. He and Dristis have been apart for a bit.

Name: Adrian Octavian
Gender: Male
Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Alliance, but tends to do mercenary work more often.
Class: Marksman.

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Just a bit shorter than his brother, Dristis, Adrian shares a similar body type. His torso, arms and thighs are covered in scars from his near decade in the Stormwind military during his several deployments to Outland, Northrend, and all around Azeroth as a Ranger. He has hair at a short-medium length that always seems to be messy, no matter what. His facial hair is short, but a bit unkempt.

His armor is a plate mail vest covered in magazine and utility pouches. His clothing is a brown, green, and black tiger striped cloth trouser and jacket combination. He has plate armor covering his triceps/biceps and his thighs as well. He rarely wears a helmet, but has Engineering goggles that enhance his vision in a number of ways. Weapons include his favored rifle, that has a scope, bipod, bayonet, and an adjustable barrel for close-quarters combat. Two Gladii cross his lower back, and a revolver rests on his left hip. He has a backpack that has his first aid, survival, and engineering supplies in it, as well as his explosives, consisting of detonation cord, grenades, breaching charges and flares.

Personality: Plagued with a traumatic stress disorder, he deals with it through alcohol and a jaunty attitude. Always trying to be cheerful, the only times he's ever really serious is during combat (most of the time) and during any of his traumatic episodes that can occur seemingly at random.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): Incredible accuracy and precision, and a fantastic engineer and tailor. He's very agile and can easily traverse obstacles.

Short Bio: Growing up with his brother Dristis, he didn't feel like following their father. Instead, he discovered his talent when his father gifted him an airgun at a young age. He would practice firing it as much as he could, sneaking out and missing meals just to keep shooting critters, crops and random objects. He joined the military at 17, and soon after was sent to Outlands when the Dark Portal opened up. He served all around Outlands, bouncing around from base to base wherever his unit was needed. After Illidan's defeat, he had some relaxing months back on Azeroth. He had a home in Ironforge but still served in Stormwind. He was soon deployed to Northrend, staying often on the spearhead of the assault through Howling Fjord into Icecrown. It was after the fall of Arthas that he was reunited with his brother who had disappeared during the first Scourge invasion. They've been near inseparable ever since.

After Northrend, Adrian volunteered to be part of an Elite Alliance unit, who were often sent in small elements as a strike force to dispatch of whatever foe they were tasked against. Only doing this for a few months, he retired from the Stormwind military as a Sergeant, doing his own thing, and volunteering for anyone who needed his marksmanship abilities.

The duo is reunited.
@Lia - Both are accepted, though I'm going to have to ask that you limit Lia to calling only one beast at a time. I can't have a zoo of spirit beasts running around on my island. :0

Already thought about. Don't worry, she only uses one or two at a time, but it's easier with one anyway :P

Hence, why the scroll is involved xD. And SO MANEH PEOPLE
I get to role-play with so many good RPers oh god this is gonna be tough.
I get to role-play with so many good RPers oh god this is gonna be FUNNNNNNNNNNN.

Fixed that for you. :p

Most of the people in this thread are ones I have RP-ed with in the past, and I know if you have any questions or need help any one of them can help you out. Just enjoy yourself.

But I did remember another rule of my threads just now that I forgot to mention earlier. There is a six-line minimum length per post or per character. For example, I make a post from Gareth's point of view: 6 lines minimum. Lia make a post for Lia and Teron: 12 lines minimum. Lia later makes a post for only Teron: 6 lines. You get the point.

I'm going to begin working on the IC and the sign-ups for my own character(s). But I'm going out to see Skyfall with my sisters in a bit so the IC might not be up until tonight.

Morgan and Dristis, Accepted.

Sign-ups are still open, though.
Don't worry Rak, my first ever RP was in one of Silvestris's threads. You are gonna be fine (and probably learn a lot.)
Still open, I hope? :3
12/02/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Silvestris
Sign-ups are still open, though.
Name: John Landers

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Independent

Class: Mage

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing):John is somewhat thinner and shorter than the average human, but not by much. His brown hair about medium length, stopping right above his brows. It can often be found mess, usually in the mornings before it is combed. That is, if he decides to comb it that day. Very light stubble covered his jaw, only being able to be seen if they were very close to him. On his ears, he has four small yet thick silver loops on his ears, two on each. Two would be on his lobes and a double helix on his left ear. While he isn't very muscular and lacks upper body strength, his legs are muscular and well toned, giving him exceptional foot speed and endurance… for a mage.

John stopped wearing robes once he left the city of Gilneas. During his adventures and being out and about more so than often, he has gotten accustom to wearing clothes that he thought was most comfortable. He wears a leather tunic with loose sleeved shirt underneath. His pants are simple wool leggings, if not a tad baggy. His leather gloves were fingerless and had his sleeves tucked in so that they wouldn't get burned from his spells. His boots are leather pirate boots, simple enough. Over all of this is usually a dark gray hooded cloak to keep him warm. Overall, he looks similar to a ranger, although not as rugged.

Personality: John tends to keep a witty, if not sarcastic attitude about him. He can normally be a pleasant person to be around, but he tends to talk down to people he deems as "lesser minded" or ignorant.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): John is most skilled in using raw arcane magic, more specifically abjuration, such as shield magic. He also makes quite a prominent counter mage. In addition to being taught magic back in Gilneas, his teachers also had him dabble in a bit of chemistry. Though mostly he uses his mixtures for study, he can brew up something in a pinch.

Short Bio: Born in Gilneas to a rather wealthy family, John had studied to become a mage at a very early age via private tutors. Over the years, John had become an educated man and a rather skilled mage; two things his father desperately wanted to see in his son. However, when John had told his father that he wanted to explore the world rather than stay in Gilneas to become a great mage, his father had gotten very upset and John decided to leave. When the forsaken had invaded the land, John had taken it as an opportunity to leave Gilneas and put his dream into action. Making it as far as Menethil Harbor, John had finally started his quest for knowledge of the outside world.

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