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I shall use Moonie. /Nod.

Name: Sanuura Moonheart

Gender: Female

Race: Draenei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Alliance, usually?

Class: Beast Master Hunter

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): A rather tall Draenei, San often finds herself looking down to speak to most people. Her skin is a slightly dark purple, though her horns are darker than the rest of her, and sweep back over her head. She keeps her night-black hair a medium length, just below her shoulderblades, and it's often back in a low pony-tail. Her eyes are a silvery color, and her thin mouth almost always has a sweet smile on it.

Personality: While some think there isn't a mean bone in the Huntress' body, they'd be wrong. She'll fight fiercely, given the right cause. One of the easiest ways to get her angry is to harm her beloved companions. However, most of the time she's a sweet, almost motherly, character.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): Sanuura shares a link with one of her pets, a nearly metallic leopard with bright red eyes (cursed offspring of Har'koa), and can share the beast's vision, so long as she can channel the spell. ((Eyes of the beast was one of my favorite hunter abilities...)) Also, she can speak and understand many languages.

Short Bio: Born on Draenor during the time when the Orcs were attacking, San knew nothing but fear in her early life. She watched as her sister was slain by a warlock's demon, and found out later that her parents hadn't escaped on the Exodar with her. Her sister was many years older than she, and taught Sanuura how to hunt and use a bow, which she harbored talent in. After finding herself on Azeroth, she spent years living with the Night Elves, fascinated by their union with the planet, and, especially, to the creatures. She found herself drawn to animals of all different species, and was taught how to tame many beasts.

She traveled around Azeroth mostly alone, though never without at least one of her companions. In her travels, she learned new languages, new methods of hunting, and found new races to learn from.


SorrowGaze- Her longest lived pet, a strong, hunched leopard with grey fur and piercing red eyes.
Rexlar- A silvery-white lion with grey eyes and a blue tint to his fur
Silver- Not unlike her name, this young fox kit's hair is a soft blue color with bright, orange eyes

((Not sure if you want her to have all of them. If not... I'll add something to make it so she only has one.))
So when we starting :D
12/02/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Silvestris
I'm going to begin working on the IC and the sign-ups for my own character(s). But I'm going out to see Skyfall with my sisters in a bit so the IC might not be up until tonight.
right sorry >.<
Just be sure to read all posts by the TM in here before you ask questions. Usually it may have already been answered in one of them.
Eh, he's not the first person to skim a thread. Won't be the last.

But yeah, I would at least try to keep track of the TM's posts.
Name: Drugh Bonecrusher

Gender: Male

Race: Orc

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Horde

Class: Warrior

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Drugh has a squat muscular build. Standing 5’10” and weighing in at close to 300 pounds. His green skinned bares no tattoos but there is a jagged scar the run down the length of his side. He saved a comrade in arms from a fatal blow and nearly he himself died. He takes great pride in his battle mark

Drugh’s powerful frame is covered by black and red plate mail. That he earned during his time in Northrend.His only weapon is a mighty two handed hammer. Along the wooden shaft is inscribed the words death before dishonor in ochish runes. The head of the hammer is a black jet black and forged of hardened steel. One side has the symbol of the horde etched upon it in crimson, the other as a tapering spike that can pierce the toughest of chain mail.

Personality: Drugh is more reserved then most orcs. While head strong and fool hardy as any other orc, he tends to keep his thoughts to himself and execute his orders well. His silence makes many to believe that he is slow or unintelligent; however this is not the case.
Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): nothing special

Short Bio: Drugh was raised as a small boy on a pig farm outside of orgirmar. He his father and his mother eked out just enough to survive in the harsh landscape. When Drugh became a teenager, he began asking questions. His favorite was why they lived in a desert? His father would always grow silent whenever the subject was broached. One day his father finally answered him. Taking him out behind their small home, his father told him the truth. With tears in his eyes his father told him ot the history of the orcs, (a much edited and whitewashed version). He explained to him that living here was penance for the sins of their race.

If his father had told him the whole story, the demonic corruption, the destruction of draenor, the *#*!%*%%** and pillaging, Drughs life might have turned out differently. However Drugh had no knowledge of these things and so he began to question why he must be punished, and forced to live in the harsh lands of durotar. As he matured later into his teenage years, Drugh, like many of his generation, began to stray from the older generation. They had heard the stories about the glorious days of the horde. They hungered for honor, for glory, but most of all they desired to belong.

So when the armies of the horde sailed off to Northrend, He was on this ships with his brothers. Long he fought in the frozen north. He earned honor and respect by his deeds and he grew to hate the alliance. In his eyes, they sought to chain him for the deeds of his predesecors, they wanted his blood for things that happened long before he was born. He knew nothing of the crimes of his race, he didn’t understand why the alliance wanted him in chains. Had his mentors showed him the horrors of the old horde, had they not exalted its heros without telling the whole story. Drugh might have lived out his life in peace.

When the armies of the horde returned triumphant, he turned his eyes to the alliance. He heard the rumors, he could feel the drums of war beating strongly, sure enough they were at war again. Against the elves of Ashenvale he fought. Against the humans and dwarves of theramore he fought, war was in his heart now, In his eyes he saw an the foundation of a hordish empire. He was exactly what his elders had tried to steer him away from.

This is my first horde character, so if theres anything i should add or modify dont be afraid to tell me
@Arren - Accepted.

@Bloods - Accepted. :3

@Jeramayan - Accepted.

The turn-out has been great, and I look forward to RPing with all of you. I'm going to have the IC up shortly.
Did you see my fix? If you did and I am still not in can you tell me what I need to improve on.
12/02/2012 08:11 PMPosted by Xoolloon
Did you see my fix? If you did and I am still not in can you tell me what I need to improve on.

Sorry missed that. It's much better, and accepted. But you don't need to go overboard with the killing machine thing. He's allowed to have a personality and opinions. Play him as you want him, I just wanted you to know that Death Knights are not generally cheerful folk. :3
Thanks, if you are talking about how he does the rage thing, I sorta put some of my self into it, I do that when I am angry, and if you are not talking about the beating an Orc to a pulp then I have no idea.
No no, what I meant was I saw a lot more effort put into your sign up to be "average". You don't need to be a personality-less lump of undead flesh that stands around and waits to kill things. He can still have a personality, whichever kind of personality you choose to give him.

Rage is fine. Putting a bit of yourself into your character is fine, too.
Ok, he might just develop some personality along the way. WoW RPing is new to me, I usually do Alien VS. Predator stuff.
12/02/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Xoolloon
Ok, he might just develop some personality along the way. WoW RPing is new to me, I usually do Alien VS. Predator stuff.

The best way to develop a character is through RP. ^_^

I have a couple characters that are now nothing like they were when I first started RPing them.
Name: Dalfein Scourgebane

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Ebon Blade

Class: Death Knight

Appearance: Dalfein stands at 5' 10" tall, with a muscular build, his skin is pale white, with the glowing blue eyes that mark him as a Death Knight. His body is covered in scars, both from when he was alive, and since he has been reborn as one of the undead.

His body is covered in black, and red plate mail (believe it is either T11 or T12 DK armor can't remember which:P) He carries a multitude of weapons, but his primary ones are two katanas Shadow, the blade is as dark as night, and is infused with shadow magic, the other is named Phoenix with a red balde radiating pure cleansing fire. He also wields a manohoshizao (sp?) a katana as long as he is tall, infused with both fire, and shadow magics, it is named Shadow Phoenix.

Personality: Dalfein like all Death Knights suffers from his incurable bloodlust, but unlike the majority of his fellows he directs it at those he considers evil, and dangerous animals. He has trained himself to keep his bloodlust under control, for long periods of time (anywhere from 3 to 5 days). Though he cannot call upon the Light, he does follow the tenets of the Paladin order, making him a just man. When not under the affects of his bloodlust he is a kind, caring, and compassionate man, but when his rage takes over he is like a demon on the battlefield, though he can still distinguish friend from foe.

Short Bio: Dalfein was born Dalfein Morningsun, born into a family of priests Dalfein had the Light drilled into him since a young age. As he grew older his penchant for fighting forced his parents to send him into the military hoping it would teach him discipline. During his training, his ability to use the Light caught the attention of a high ranking paladin, who took the young boy under his wing. Dalfein took to the ways of the paladin like a fish to water, mastering the Light in a short amount of time, he completed his training around the time of the orcs second invasion of Azeroth, and together with his fellow paladins he went to war. Proving himself on the battlefield the young paladin received the rank of captain after the war, as the years passed the young paladin turned into a righteous, and just man.

Arguing against the horrid treatment of the orcs after the war the paladin was stripped of his rank, and released from service. It was not until the Scourge arrived did the man return to the battlefield, he fought against the Scourge alongside the prince Arthas Menethil, and he also fought against the Prince after he had fallen sway to Frostmourn. After Arthas became the Lich King he remembered the ferocity in which he saw the paladin fight against his Scourge forces. Thinking Dalfein would make an excellent, and powerful servant, he brought the man back as a Death Knight, Dalfein was one of the first after Darion Morgrain to break free of the Lich King's control. After he was free he renamed himself Dalfein Scourgebane, and marched off to Northrend, where he met a strange druid cat named Sammuroth Stormfury.

The two became fast friends on the battlefield, both seeing a little of themselves in the other, after the Lich King's fall Dalfein has spent his days fighting against his nature, trying to hold onto the tenets of his paladin training. Though he can no longer use the Light it did not mean he had to abandon it's teachings, so he calms his bloodlust by fighting against those he deems evil, and wild animals that threaten the safety of the innocent.

edit:aww am I too late:(
Okay, the IC thread is up. I started a bit farther ahead than I previously stated, as I don't want the beginning of the thread to drag along too slowly.

You are being herded onto the deck of the ship, chained to each other. Soon I'll move everyone to the actual island, but before that you can post a bit about how you were captured, your current state, how pissed or scared you might be, yell at the captain or other crew members, etc.

Oh and Bloods, I forgot to say earlier, she can only bring one pet. You can say the other pets were in a stable resting or something when she was jumped and whisked away before the other pets realized. Or whatever you want. ^_^

And remember everyone, there is a six-line post minimum!

EDIT: Accepted Sammuroth. Usually I'd require all sign-up areas to be filled but I know you're a good RPer and can flesh him out as you go along. And I'm guilty of being lazy with my character's bios in the past...:v
woot:D I plan on putting up the bio later like I said just putting the finishing touches on it:) will post in the IC tomorrow getting late here, and brain is going into sleep modeXD
Hmm, who should I stick Maj next too? Choices choices XD
Ehh My grammar is pretty horribad sorry haha
Left who Maj got chained to up to whoever feels like they want to be chained up to a cringing little student Priest :p

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