[H] Devotion recruiting a healer

Devotion is currently recruiting more members to fill out our roster. We're a ten man raiding guild that runs Thurs/Sun/Mon 8-11 EST. We are looking for a resto druid, resto shaman or holy pally preferably with a dps offspec. Head to http://devotion-horde.wowstead.com/ for more information or to apply. Whisper Jayded or Lakotor with any questions
Got one. Anyone looking to take Bakabed's spot here, please pst. We'll take anything at this point, he's terrible.
For realz, be better baka!
We have some rotations going on currently in the guild. Another healer would be nice.

Rsham, Rdruid, MWMonk.
Still recruiting a healer for our raid team.
I was told to make a thread and then this guy beats me to it!

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415607430 is better imo!

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