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((The next Soup Kitchen will be this weekend! Look for it in Northshire on Saturday January 19th at 6:00pm server time!))

::A note is posted on the announcement boards throughout Stormwind and Goldshire, the script neat and precise.::

The Conclave of Azora is proud to be hosting a soup kitchen to aid those in need in the surrounding area.

We have put together bags for people new to the area and small items to help along the way. The Tower of Azora has agreed to host this endeavor, with others seeking to hire people for honest work. The Conclave will see that they are well paid for their efforts!

Date: 2/24/13
Time: 6:00 PM Server
Location: Northshire Gate

OOC: We welcome any and all who wish to participate! There will be quests given out with gold rewards. Please keep an eye out for General/Trade chat in both Elwynn Forest and Stormwind City! The Conclave of Azora looks forward to seeing people there!
Quests and Goodie Bags are geared for level 30 and below, but we encourage people to come help lowbies and come out to RP. This is to aid in helping build our community in the lower zones.

Also, please keep an eye on this thread as it will be updated with new dates and times for Soup Kitchen events in the future! Thanks everyone and have a great day.
Interesting, would you guys give me the honor of covering such an event?
And we wouldn't mind at all, Veranya! The more people who know, the better we can help and have fun. We're here to help build the community, both for beginners and for veterans. =D
Wonderful! I'll be there. =)
Excellent! Looking forward to seeing you there.
This event happens in an hour!! See you all at 6pm server time!
Thank you everyone who showed up for the first Soup Kitchen event! It will be hosted every other Monday this month. =D

You all are wonderful and thank you to my guildies and those who came for making it a big success! <3
In light of the next time the Soup Kitchen is around....bump!
Bump for the Soup Kitchen!
Soup kitchen bump!!
Soup Kitchen is on Monday evening at 6pm Server time at the Tower of Azora! =D Keep an eye out for General/Trade Chat and we hope to see you there!

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