[H] Kinetic Recruiting, NEED DPS!

Kinetic on Arthas is looking for more raiders to fill our 25 man raiding roster and our 10 man groups! We are a rather new guild that started on the server two weeks ago. Most of our raiders are from other servers who have been raiding since Vanilla / BC.

We raid at (all times are eastern/server time):
Monday 9 PM to 1 AM
Tuesday 9 PM to 1 AM
Wednesday 9 PM to 1 AM
Thursday 9 PM to 1 AM
These times do also regularly change, we do raid at these times but we may extend raid times / add more times.

We are looking for more for our 25 man raiding!

We also have split up into two man 10 man groups currently to get more gear for people and to ensure that people are seeing content. Also this is being done to further help the guild progress. When 25 man raiding comes back (yay!) we plan on going to 25 mans and are hoping to have 25 full players. WE ARE NOT RECRUITING FOR BENCHS CURRENTLY THESE ARE FULL TIME SPOTS IN 10 MAN RAIDS UNTIL 25 COMES BACK!!!! We need to replace a few of our raiders who are not able to do raid mechanics / pull sufficient numbers! Also we run competitive raid slots, that being said, if we recruit you and someone else comes in and pulls better numbers than you (other than it just being obvious gear difference) you will be replaced with them.

We are currently 1/6 Heroic in Vaults and 5/6 in Heart of Fear.

1 Mage or Warlock!
1 Any other ranged dps!
Any class who feels they can out perform any of our current raiders!

We have all raided in the past and have cleared old content hardmodes in Cata, WOLTK, BC and vanilla. We have some pvp'ers and welcome that if you are into that. We are considering setting up a rated bgs group for those who would like to participate.

If you would like to apply or have questions message Aellas or Shakarn, also you can add me to battletag at fudrud#1649 in game or visit our website:


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