<H> Echo Deathsquad recruiting 10m

Area 52
Echo Deathsquad is recruiting 1 dps and 1 healer for its 10 man raiding group.

Priest/Shaman prefered for Healer
Non Cloth Dps for the Dps

we Raid Fri/Sat 11-2. Currently 1/6 in MSV, we are mostly friends and family, we are looking for somone who knows their class and wants to down bosses and have fun while doing it.

If Interested you can apply at echodsi.wowstead.com
or contact Drunkfu or Braunyone in game.
we are now full on our core 10m, and recruiting for a 2nd team, as well as going to be co-op ing a 25 man with another guild, if you would like to join and start filling slots, send us a msg, or contact us through the website.
We will be fixing the 1/6 in MSV tonight...


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