So I wiped to Brawler's guild Disruption...

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12/02/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Aeryia
excuse me, but if you're going to discuss the rank 8 fights, which is a clear violation of Brawler's Guild rule 1, you should at least get it right. It's an electric-guitar playing undead riding a trex riding a rocket-powered, laser-cannon equipped shark. Simplifying it to a "shark with lasers" is purely insulting to the level of epicness that is assembled into one mob

rules were made to be broken
The only two times it's been killed on my server were via levitate cheesing with the Alliance floor.
Come and complain when you wipe sub 200k like me on disruptron.

Also, killing him is null and void if you lolLevitate.
Levitate was hotfixed? Just tried it and died to lasers
Disruptron is hard?

Step 1) Be a warlock
Step 2) Get to cast and move with like 0 penalties
Step 3) ?????
Step 4) Profit!

edit: Ohai fade

"With like 0 penalties"

You can't jump disruption beams with 30% movement speed debuff from KJC

edit: Step 1) Be a hunter > goto step 4

Yes, you can. I did it.

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