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12/05/2012 09:22 AMPosted by Corrock
The guys who made EvE are working on World of Darkness which I gather is a Modern day Vampire mmo.

This is the first I've heard of the MMO but the WOD universe has far more than vampires; at the very least I'd expect to see mages and werewolves too. I'll have to look into that game.

from what I heard it was just about vampires and was going to be pretty player driven. Every player has the ability to try and become Vampire prince of whatever city they set up in, if they want to go for it. Want to be Vampire prince of New York, go ahead and try, odds are you will have a lot of competition.

Want to be vampire prince of Sheboygan, also doable, and possibly less competition.

Maybe they plan to make Werewolves and Wizards as Xpacs down the road.
ArcheAge Online might be worth following, as it is a full sandbox MMO with player created housing/cities.

Unfortunately DUST514 is a console FPS (terrible). They do have Keyboard+Mouse support but it is sketchy at best. I got accepted into the DUST514 beta a while back and played it for a bit until I got fed up with the poor Keyboard/Mouse support. Also I'd like to clarify that DUST514 is not an MMOFPS. It is a console FPS with RPG style character progression via EVE style skills and dropsuit/vehicle fitting (gearing). However, you are not exploring vast worlds and out doing your own thing like an MMO. The actual game play is typical of an FPS. You go into a set match that is either team DM or BC2 style conquest. These matches are played out on maps of sizes that are not as big as a BC2 map. DUST514's connection to EVE Online is primarily involved with PI (Planetary Interaction). Which currently has no PvP component other than the customs offices that orbit the planets and the passive aggressive tactic of over extracting near their stuff to deplete the material supplies.


If you want a true MMOFPS experience.. try Planetside 2. Just released as Free to Play on Steam. It's not a traditional MMO in that there is no PVE but what it does have are massive dynamic battles that take place between 3 warring factions on huge continental maps.

It isn't without its bugs, but the devs have shown themselves to be very responsive to player feedback and the game is improving every day.

If WoW and BF3 had a baby and it was F2P, it would be Planetside 2

Did they hammer out all the glaring performance issues yet? My main issue with it in Beta was that, despite not having the visual quality of a current gen game, it still ran like a steaming pile on my mid-line box. Which really isn't acceptable for something that really doesn't look amazing. It amounts to scrubby coding.
The only two MMOs worth watching to me are:

1) Titan
2) EQNext
I half to agree with Takoda, Everquest next will hopefully be as great as Eqoa for the ps2. Eqoa lasted 8 years, things that made it so great was player interaction, without meeting people on your server and befriending them you couldnt even solo some mobs your level and forget about trying to attempt a raid boss without 20+ people. Another great thing was, It allowed you focus on one char instead of having tons of alts, reason being is you could turn on cms (class mastery points) that you attain from xp, leveling, and it gave you something to do at 60 while wasnt raiding allowing you to try max out your cms at 1500 which for last cm and no boon(4x xp) would take you practically a month+ of 8hr grinds killing mobs. But like I said the cms was great gave you a chance to purchases abilites and stat upgrades of your choice, so the more you had the stonger your character was compared to people who had toons of alts, focusing on one char gave you a better toon allowing you to get the classes Tag example= Warrior could become a Hero or Defender at 500 cms spent and woukd cost you 200, each tag giving you different abilites no dumbed down talent system. And if that wasnt what you wanted to be each races had its own tag example,troll could become a Savage giving you impressive 300tick regen with the second abilites being a 4k heal and melee stats bonus increase for short period of time vs a diff race who couldnt. But, each race class and tag had its perks and downsides because the tags gave you certain stats too, nevertheless it was exicting even tho there was really no pvp it gave you a chance for your charsacter to be unique to a certain extent. Not only the player based interactions and cms, but you also had no map you could open, only a compass and a paper map that came with game making exploring challenging and unique. It took me a long time getting use to WoW because everything so kiddy and easy, but since playing pre bc, they have dumbed it down so much that I have recently canceled my account. The game is no longer enjoyable with repeat dailies, people who are so unconsiderable while raiding you cant step away for few mins without being yelled at to take care real life stuff like kids etc, and think they are pro because they can down few herioc bosses and have no real life or personality, and no since 5.1 leaving healers to be blanketed and on shoted practicially in pvp, I have just had all I can take. Its but fun but its time to move on, hopefully Everquest Next will be that nich games are missing.
I'm looking forward to ESO coming out in 2013. I love Elder Scrolls and so I simply must buy it just for that reason.

I'm not sure on Titan yet. I have no idea when they are going to release any information on it. The only thing I heard was that it would be FPS.
I looked at Pathfinder it didnt seem bad but i seriously dout it will happen if they need people to back them with money.
12/08/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Dreko
I looked at Pathfinder it didnt seem bad but i seriously dout it will happen if they need people to back them with money.

Personally I'm actually more interested in games funded by kickstarter than I am ones funded by investors. Suits tend to have a clipboard with a list and lots of little boxes that they believe need to be checked for a game to be marketable. I've seen interviews with more than a few game creators who had their games mutilated because the guys with the money insisted on adding things to the game that had no business being there. With a Kickstarter funded game creators can focus on making a game for the players instead of trying to appease a bunch of morons in suits who couldn't care less about anything that isn't a dollar bill.

Planetary Annihilation cleared 2 million when they ran a kickstarter and I'm really looking forward to that.

I'm not saying Pathfinder Online is going to be a top tier mmo, but I'm interested in seeing what they can do when they don't have a bunch of guys looking over their shoulder telling them "Make it more like Warcraft".

Somebody needs to come up with a new style of MMO and the Big companies don't seem to want to step to far away from the WoW formula. So we kind of have to count on the little guys for innovation. That's why I started this thread, see if anyone out there has heard of interesting games out there from smaller companies that might be doing something new.

I appreciate the new titles I've seen named here already, so thanks all for those.

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