[H] -- <Reflection> - Seeking Sha/Disc Priest

I will cut to the chase. A few guildies and I started up a new guild <Reflection> on Arthas after our last guild <Epiphany> failed due to poor leadership. We are currently creating our core group of 11-13. Having excess members means we do not miss raids if someone is away and we can adjust our group as needed. This guild is going to be for progression in 5.2 and is recruiting and building up in the current tier. Our talent has a core with members from top guilds and many ranking on World of Logs. The guild is seeking like minded people who want to be a dominating force in 5.2 who demonstrate knowledge and expertise over their class. Reading a guide doesn't qualify you as an expert. You should be able to defend your choices in your class if you come under criticism from other members. You should also have a sense of humor and maturity, most of us are 25 or so and poke at each other frequently, particularly at our female member.

Raid times: Mon - Thurs 8 - 12 (est) for Progress as needed
Tues - Weds 8 - 12 (est)for Farm

Our current composition is:
DK Tank
Monk Tank
Enhance Shaman
Paladin Healer
Shaman Healer

Spots currently being sought:

Shadow Priest (currently being trialed) Seeking one with Disc OS
Boomkin Druid with Resto OS (Currently being Trialed)
Warrior Tank (Transferring to be trialed)
Frost Death Knight
Protection Paladin (bonus with DPS OS)
Feral Druid (DPS)

Send a message in game mail system or Battletag ID:


Edit: Title
Boomkin or Shadow Priest.
Whoa. Reflection gives me a flash back to Vanilla on the Arthas server.

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