Some help on investing gold

So I've started collecting a fair amount of money, mainly due to playing the AH. When I first started I was happy with turning 1k gold into 10k gold. This allowed me to have a tremendous amount of buying power, and thus more selling power, not to mention I could expand my markets and areas of influence. As a result gold was coming in quickly and the rate of that income was also climbing.

Then I hit an artificial ceiling. I cannot push my current markets further without flooding them. Excluding money that I'm investing into my business now, I'm sitting on over 100k that goes completely untouched and I feel this is a tremendous loss of potential. This brings me here.

What are some good ways to invest this 100k through the AH? I am at a complete loss. I know there are mounts, pets, and other items out there - unfortunately I'm not entirely sure which ones are a good play and which ones are not. What sells? What tends to be a good profit? I would appreciate any suggestions on what has worked for other people or any advice in general for me moving forward, though specifics will be more helpful in this instance.

If it helps I'm on a fairly heavy populated server. Our AH is always busy, very well stocked much of the time, and things tend to move through it fairly quickly.
brawler's guild tickets? You might still be able to make a profit.
Mounts and such are high risk but thats the only place you can dump much gold if you really want to invest it all. I'm sure TCG mounts are high profit when they work out and you can make non-trivial amounts from crafted mounts. However, depending on your server there is always the spectre of duplicated mounts/vendor items destroying your investment. Blizzard simply has no control over the problem and I have given up trying any sort of risky investment like that.

Your only other option would be to try to start cornering markets. I have seen a guy on my realm try it from time to time but I have no idea if it is effective. Just like mounts its too risky for my tastes. Its really counter to the mindset in the real world where you always want your money invested in something but I think most in WoW just do the in-game equivalent of stuffing it in the mattress.
darkmoon decks.
Buy stuff so you don't have to worry about it haha. Seriously though, I would look into making mounts and such; see how much money could be made there. Most other stuff is so cheap to make in comparison to how much money you have that you will still have a ton of money untouched. Overall though I would say not to worry too much about it and just keep doing what you're doing, unless you need more moola.

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