Rate that Rogue xmog above you Part II

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Just starting back up this thread since the old one hit the post limit... I love seeing all these different creative sets.
8/10 never liked T6/Vengeful, everything matches though.
Matches well, just not personally a fan. 8/10.

Apparently I didn't transmog my chest before logging off, but I really like mine.
Gonna be trying for the heroic druid caster helm in Firelands next week, and going for the Phoenix fists again.
7/10 The helm really makes you look a lot taller. Like a suitless, skinless Slenderman or something.
I think you look like a sort of Brawler or Fight-Club member lol
ehhh 6/10, looks like a weird version of Bane o.o
I like the green daggers.
Haven't seen that set... 8/10, i dun have green daggers o.o
5/10 looks all over the place!
/\ i was rating Sylvaeren above you ^ ^
I like your chest, even if the emblem looks warriorish

9/10 I really like that, Looks really nice.

:] my xmog is finally finished.
10/10 I think that one looks really good. ;)
pretty cool, almost like a storm trooper or something :) 8/10

Darkmantle is always a safe bet.

sweet, look like a boxer!

Colors don't match but it's the most unique Undead xmog I've seen to date

Big fan of that tier.
i love the color of your transmog
but i don't like the faces on your armor , lol.
they look funny.

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