Rate that Rogue xmog above you Part II

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5/10, scouting set is just too low-res.
^ decent but needs the black recolor of bloodfang, and pandaren female face is creepy. 6.725/10, with room for improvement.


just finished it this week, really enjoying it ;) ty
@ imagin

10/10 !
it looks awesome, all matches perfectly :D
good job panda man !
5/10 The barefeet really kills it for me =(
I like the color, but the belt kind of throws it off
6/10. The weapons seem to bring it down imo.
it's very original and that's a big A+ in my book :)
5/10 Viiss, I didn't really know what to make of it.
9/10 big fan of the orc grunt look
@Déspawn 7/10
8/10. Needs more bulk or something?
9/10 looks like hawkgirl
6/10 i like the helm

7/10 simple and different

Like the weapons and shoulders. Defilers tabard is nice too. Don't like the goggles.

mine is finnaly done took for ever to get my shoulders
posting on monk...but its what my rogue looks like too when i transfer the heirlooms.

rethius like the daggers and the helm. not sure on the shoulders 8/10
Meh, not a xmog at all.

@Rethius, I would change the daggers to the MC ones, instead of a red glow, a black one, fits better IMO.

Also, my daggers have a big red glow on them :)

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