New to the server LF guild.

I've created a new toon on Hyjal to try out the Horde storyline and maybe meet some new friends. I currently have 4 lvl 90 Alliance toons on Dragonblight and I've been playing since the end of BC. I'm not really interested in raiding at this time, as I am already in a raid group on my main and my personal life just wont allow much more raiding time than what I currently am able to do right now. As far as PvP, well, I am just horrible at it.

I'm looking for a drama-free (I understand there are crazies everywhere though), mature, laid back social/leveling guild. I say mature because I really don't want to have to worry about inadvertantly offending someone with my language. I don't cause drama (I deal with enough stuff with 3 kids), and I'm always glad to help with anything if I have the time to do so.

So that's that. I can't wait to start running dungeons, questing, and just overall having some fun on Hyjal as Horde. May the forces of evil be confused upon the way to your house. I look forward to any response. Thank you.
You could join our guild. We have quite a few melee already, but for dungeons quests and such it shouldn't matter at all :D. We go through periods (or a few days) where we only have 2 people online (because of work and real life), but usually we have 5-7 or so. We're all adults and relatively close friends, so you wouldn't have to worry about your language or anything, we're pretty damn laid back xD. If it turns out that you are looking for something different or for a guild with more people online, we'd totally understand. Some of us still run old raids for xmog and achieves too, and if you need any help with anything we try our best. If you are interested just send me a whisper in-game, or add me, my battletag is Aethereal#1480.

If you're waiting to see who else replies that's alright too. Won't be any hard feelings. :D Just let us know!
: D

I used to play on Dragonblight myself. ( The OCK )
Thanks for the invite Aethereal. Look forward to being a part of the guild.

*Tried to change post picture to guild toon, but it didn't seem to work.
Is it possible to get this thread deleted? It no longer has a purpose. Thank you.
01/18/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Kromguard
Is it possible to get this thread deleted? It no longer has a purpose. Thank you.

Actually it might serve a purpose as I'm gonna hijack it momentarily. I have almost an identical background as Kromguard. I have several level 90 Alliance on Dawnbringer server and have been raiding on my main ßadmoon regularly, so I'm not looking for that. I just wanted to play Horde for a change on a more populated server with a strong economy. I've rolled a DK with the intent of using him to make some quick gold and get some JP for boa's to eventually roll a hunter main. Anyway I'm looking for a strong adult social guild to run with other players as well as bs and joke with. My toon's name is Sourapple a level 60 at present if you guys are looking for another member.
We're always looking for more adult players regardless of level etc. If you found a good match by now that's great, if not just hit one of us up in-game.

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