Tank LF Mon-Thurs 8pm-12pm/1pm Server Raid

I'm looking a heroic progression raid that raids Monday through Thursday 8pm to 12-1am server time (9pm to 1/2am EST) but Monday-Wednesday works fine to. Just at least 3 days for at least 4 hours a night or more. I'm looking to be able to push rather fast through the content and stay competitive in the tiers. I take raiding very serious and I don't like to waste time between pulls unless there's some sort of emergency going on, etc. I get that things happen, but I'd like to if a wipe is called, people be dead in a matter of seconds and back in ready to pull again.

While I can dps some fights, I am looking for a main tank position, which I realize may be a bit hard but I'm best at tanking and only mediocre at dps, but am able to preform both to heroic progression standards.

Realid: bryce@sevron.net

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