[H] Natural Selection 10 Man - Recruiting DPS

Good Evening Folks,

Natural Selection is recruiting progression oriented Raiders who are looking to clear content on a 3day a week schedule.

We raid from 11EST to 2am EST monday to wednesday.Our Raiding Roster has been together for some time and we are looking to fill our DPS ranks with Individuals who are looking to strive for the best and are willing to better themselves through
research and competition. We are a Group of Adults who want to clear all the content in the expansion. We are Not an elietest Guild but we are Progression focused, We have our common back and forth banter in Teamspeak but when it comes
to raids we focus to get Content down.

Guild Repairs are Granted for all Raiders, Flasks and potions are required by the individual.

Must be:

Ilevel 473+
Raid ready, in gear and experience/knowledge
Able to communicate, take responsibility, and handle criticism

Server Korgath PVP
Current Content: 6/6 MSV (1/6H) 4/6 HoF
Currently Seeking: Warrior(dps),Balance Druid, Mage, Hunter to bolster our DPS lineup
Raiding Mon to Wed 10pm to 1am Server

If you have any Questions Please dont Hesitate to msg

Tehlar Battletag Tom#1964
or Burningspray Battletag Burningspray#1137

Please Visit http://nsguild-korgath.wowstead.com/login to apply or communicate with us via Website
Updated Current Progression: 6/6 MSV (1/6H), 6/6 HoF, 3/4 TOES
Burning, keep this updated!

Current Progression is 2/6 H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 TOES.

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